Tangled The Series character concepts?

Moonstone Cassandraimage

Role: Damage

Stars: 2

“Well when your dad is captain of the guard you tend to collect…stuff”

Description: With the moonstone merged with her body Cassandra uses her swordsmanship and black rocks to attack her enemies

Entrance: Runs in and draws her black rock sword

Defeat: The moonstone falls out of her and her clothes turn brown

Victory: Laughs at her opponents with her arms crossed

White skill- “Energy wave”: Cassandra shoots out powerful energy waves from the black rocks

Green skill- “My Destiny”: Cassandra ups her defense with more black rock armor

Blue skill- “I don’t hide from anything!”: Cassandra gets angry increasing her attack power

Purple skill- “There’s the eclipse”: when Cass is below 50% hp, her basic skill now heals her with moonlight

I don’t know how to do red skills because they feel really complicated to do in my opinion…

Friendships: Cassandra and Rapunzel, Rapunzel And Cassandra, Cassandra and Elsa, Cassandra and Maleficent

Welcome to the forums! But is the concept completed? :confused:

I was going to put the rest but I was worried someone else made the post already but yes I can edit the post with the rest of the ideas

It really doesn’t matter. You can make a concept as long as it isn’t completely copied.

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I hope with what ive done it’s okay I don’t understand how red skills work honestly so forgive me. But it’s just an idea I’ve Harv for a while especially after Rapunzel was finally added

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