Tank heroes?



Can someone explain to me what a tank hero is? I’m trying to do the Tanks for nuthin’ challenge but don’t know what a tank hero is



Tank is the role of some of the characters. You can read the information on the characters, but it might be easier to sort by role on the character screen to see all of the tanks. I hope this helps!


List of Tanks:

  1. Baymax
  2. Chief Bogo
  3. Felix
  4. Hades
  5. Hercules
  6. Maui
  7. Mr. Incredible
  8. Olaf
  9. The Queen of Hearts
  10. Ralph
  11. Rex
  12. Sally
  13. Shank
  14. Sulley & Boo

Basically, Tanks are front-line Heroes, with the exception of Hades because he’s at the middle, who soak up Damage.

If you want to complete the "Tanks for Nuthin’ Challenge, make sure to not use the Heroes mentioned above.


Hi @DawnMW_II and welcome to the forums.

There are 4 different types of character in the game. They are:

  1. Tank - they basically stand at the front of your team and can take a lot of damage (they protect the rest of the team)
  2. Damage - these guys are your main attackers, as you would expect they do the most damage (but are usually quite vulnerable to attacks as well)
  3. Support - their role is to make your team stronger somehow. They do this by either healing, shielding or buffing your team (improving their stats so they become stronger/faster etc) or clearing them of negative effects (frozen, slowed down, stunned, that kind of thing)
  4. Control - a bit like the opposite of support but for your opponent. Rather than improving you, they make your enemy worse somehow. These are your characters who will freeze, charm, silence etc. your opponents so they can’t do all their attacks.

The easiest way to know who is what type is to go to your character screen and arrange them by role this will group all the tanks together and tell you what group they are in so you know for your challenge. You can also do this when selecting a team, the groups will always been ordered the same way I put them (tanks, damage, support, control).


Tank hero= can be punched in the face😉

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Accept Felix, cuz when he gets punched in the face…He dies :dizzy_face:


Not really, he has the Rapid Fire Fixin’ Disc, which increases his Max HP and grants him more Attack Speed the less HP he has, and the Golden Snow Cone Disc, which Freezes enemies with his Basic Attack…

I heard from other people that he’s good at Invasion if he has the Rapid Fire Fixin’ Disc equipped…