Taran & Hen Wen

Taran & Hen Wen concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Taran and Hen Wen walks into the battlefield.
Victory: Taran hugs Hen Wen.
Defeat: Scared Hen Wen runs away from battlefield. Taran falls in the ground with the sword.

Quote: ''Look at me, Hen! I can do it!"

Basic attack: Taran strikes with his sword at the closest enemies.

White skill: Pig’s Vision
Hen Wen creates a vision of the future, allowing allies to dodge upcoming 3 attacks from enemies.
When ally dodge attack from enemies their basic damage increase by X for 10 seconds.

The dodges have a chance to fail if the attack came from the enemy above level X.

Green skill: Sword Them :fist: (normal damage)
Taran dodges an enemy’s basic attack or skill and counters, dealing X damage and gaining Reflect for 3 seconds.

Taran can dodge attack once every 8 seconds.

Blue skill: Magic Sword :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Taran’s sword flies across the battlefield to the enemy with lowest HP. Dealing X damage while passing enemies and dealing X damage to the target. After the attack sword spins around the enemies dealing X damage and returns to Taran. This skill can be activated even if Taran is disabled.

Taran is unable to basic attack while this skill is active but gain Reflect over the duration of skill.

Purple skill: Pig Keep
When Hen Wen creates a vision duration of all active buffs on allies is increased by 3 seconds and allies are healed by X HP.

Increasing duration of buffs has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red skill: Act Of Bravery
When the duration of buff expires the ally which has lost buff will dodge an upcoming attack from any source. This also triggers when a shield is removed or destroyed from an ally by enemies.

Every 5 seconds, the ally with the lowest HP is healed by X HP and gains Reflect for 3 seconds.

The dodge when the buff expires has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+X armor negation
+X damage to ‘‘Sword Them’’


Kristoff & Sven - Icy Adventure


Freeze Dodge

  • +X HP
  • +X SP to Taran & Hen Wen and allies
  • Frozen allies gains X armor and X reality
  • Taran & Hen Wen and allies dodge 4 freezes every 8 seconds; Ally with dodged freeze gains 20% attack speed for 8 seconds (+20% speed per star)

Fear - Lessons of Fearlessness


More dodges; slows enemies

  • +X HP to Taran & Hen Wen and allies
  • +X BD
  • +1 more dodged attack from ‘‘Pig’s Vision’’ (+1 more dodge per star)
  • The attacker whose attack was dodged is slowed for 8% for 5 seconds (+8% slow per star)
  • Slowed enemies receive 20% more damage (+20% per star)

Slightly changed red skill and changed the second friend from Rex to Fear.

sHocKIng inforMatiOn

A new concept from ‘‘The Black Cauldron’’ is coming next Monday/Tuesday :slight_smile: :apple: :apple:

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I was thinking of creating a Taran concept, but this one is fantastic! I hope that they will come to DHBM someday (hopefully sooner than later). Great job Musketeer!

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Thanks, I really hope there will be more The Black Cauldron characters released after The Horned King too, that movie is veeeery underrated.

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