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Hey all,

I’m looking for new team ideas, and I thought what better way than to get ideas from you guys. I’m on Server 21. I’m stuck in arena and col, just need some new teams with the heroes I have attached. Anything is appreciated.

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You can try these (not in a specific order).

  1. Hiro (Da), Launchpad (Hi), Baymax (Ol), Donald (Sc), Quorra (Bu).

  2. Goofy (Needs Je disk), Hank & Dory (Po), Powerline (Go), Mulan (Bo), Jafar (Sc).

  3. Pooh (Go), Randall (Ga), Elsa (Needs Fr disk), Kristoff (Ki), T&P (St).


Thank you so much… what is Goofy’s Jesse disk?

The Jessie disk buffs the damage against blinded enemies. By 200% at 5 stars

Actually, in the first team, you may want to replace Quorra (Bu) with Mushu (get the Gerald disk).

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