Team Ballin

Hello Server 21 players!
Team Ballin has sadly had to let some inactive players go, so we’re looking for new people to join our friendly guild!

Our Requirements:
-Minimum team level of 90.
-Adult behaviour (or actual age).

What we’re looking for:
Kind, friendly people.
Active people who are willing to grow/ be nurturing towards themselves and others.
If you’re looking for a chill, friendly atmosphere who still score pretty decent in the higher ranks, come take a look.

Contact Magic Mickey/ XStar ingame.
Or leave a message down below so I can get you in touch.
Thanks for your time and reading! And hopefully see you soon:)


Update: Level requirement Lowered to 70.
Our guild boost can quite easily get you to 90.
So feel free to contact us / leave a message down below.

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Hello again!

First off, happy to have gotten some new people join Team Ballin! (Server 21). Sadly we still have some open slots due to people leaving for private reasons.
Lucky for you! We have a spot for you now!
So if you’re looking for a friendly/mature/fun guild, with the option of joining our discord channel. Also meet the requirement of being level 90 or higher, and while being chill, also like a bit of a competitive vibe. Then you’re the guy or gal for us!
So if you’re in Server 21, and feel like looking for a new home.
Please contact: Disney Demon, Magic Mickey or Xstar , and/or simply apply to our guild ingame and they will reach out to you.

Thank you for your time!
And maybe see you soon :slight_smile:

We kicked some inactives and now have fresh slots available!
Do you meet our requirements then join!

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