Team building


What’s everyone’s favorite team combos? I’ve been driving myself nuts trying out new teams and seeing what’s most effective


I use Sulley and Boo [Wo], WALL-E [Da], Tia Dalma [Ja], Nick Wilde [Ya], and Calhoun [Vi]

60% of them does Fantastic Damage, which is amplified by Sulley’s Scare

Calhoun is my Trump Card, if she’s the last one standing, she deals the most damage

Tia Dalma and Nick Charm both frontmost and backmost enemies: the Charms are lengthened

WALL-E is just there to give an Energy Boost

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I use Baymax, Jack Sparrow (Ba), Judy (Fe),
Woody (Je), and Kevin Flynn (Ba) who is hopefully gonna be rellaced by Miguel…eventually…



I use Calhoun [Vi], jack sparrow no disk
Olaf no disk. Stitch [Ma], Mickey [Su]

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I use Sulley/Boo, Rex, Miguel, Maleficent, and Elsa or Olaf.

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I use these three teams.
First: Olaf (Fe), Jack Sparrow (Ni), Wall-E (Da), Merida (El), Mickey (Su)
Second: Olaf (Fe), Jack Sparrow (Ni), Finnick (Ju), Wall-E (Da), Merida (El)
Third: Jack Sparrow (Ni), Finnick (Ju), Wall-E (Da), Merida (El), Yax (Ni)

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Arena defense is all about combos. 2 easy ones are mike(sulley disk) Jack Skellington(either disk works but mad hatter disk is preferred) and Olaf(moana disk) elsa(frozone disk).
That being said, my current arena team uses the mike skelly combo- shank(vanellope disk), Darkwing Duck(nick disk), Jack Skellington(mad hatter disk), mike(sulley disk), maleficent(Jack disk).

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