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Lets assume I have every hero… sssshhhhh i do and I am F2P, Now i feel like i have been focusing on the wrong heroes. can someone point me in the right direction that assuming I had everyone. what would be three of the best teams i can make for Colosseum? What team would i want for arena defense, and what would i be looking for in campaign.

I know this is subjective, but i find that im too attached to who i have leveled until now, so I need subjective ideas from people who are not attached like me.

I will admit that of the heroes only 29 are 6 starred, 14 have 5 stars, 8 are 4 starred, 3 at three stars and a 1 star hero, But i can always work on those i need.

Interested to see what you guys come up with so i can start reworking my top 15 or so heroes.

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Hm. That’s tricky. For PvP, mixing things up will always serve you well. Defense teams are typically composed of heroes that work well with each other. Just think of teams made of pairs that go really well together then you add “filler” characters that work well with everyone.

For example:

Main pair: Elsa+Olaf
+Filler heroes: Mickey, Moana, Maleficent
= Full Team

For Coliseum, you have to make this stuff 3 times. Then for offense, you then consider how to counter the opposing defense.

With the above team in mind, you might want to do:

Main pair: Hercules+Megara
+Defense counter: The Mad Hatter, Darkwing, Kevin Flynn
=Counter Team

As for PvE, like in City Watch, Invasion, etc, healing is a huge boon to your chances of success. As far as offense goes, heroes who have “build up” are the absolute best characters to invest in.

So that said, take into consideration:

  • Nick: Essentially unstoppable when he gets 5 lemmings.
  • Zurg: Once his energy is full, he can sweep wave after wave almost tirelessly.
  • Hercules: His HP will continue to rise and can even become invincible.
  • Alice: For the same reasons as Zurg and Herc, albeit to a slightly lesser extent. Still terrifying though.

And then you have your healers, who are absolutely necessary for keeping the whole team topped up.

  • Sulley: With Woody’s disk, he heals the whole team at least once in the middle of battle and again at the end of each wave. Works so beautifully with Nick and Zurg, but struggles greatly the farther you go during Invasion.
  • Mickey: Wonderful healer overall and his damage boost benefits everyone. May struggle to heal by himself sometimes. You also have to be sure that he is at least the same level as everybody else or he’s dead weight.
  • Miguel: By fat the most potent and most reliable healing, especially with Jessie’s disk and while playing in manual. You may find your team dealing far less damage though. Very noticeable against later bosses in Invasion. Be sure to use any available debuffs at your disposal.
  • Genie: Marvellous healer whose healing is instantaneous. The invincibility and extra energy he provides is just fantastic and he even contributes a decent amount of damage too. However, he can’t heal himself and may need another healer’s help.

EDIT: In the end of the day, you play your favourite heroes as often as you can allow. Pair them up with heroes that cover up their weaknesses then go from there.

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The issue with this is some heroes are better then others. Example Olaf, Sparrow, Scar and Maleficent for PVP, who are also great in pve. I’m just trying to avoid heroes that don’t contribute that i have put resources into that can be pointed out that i might want to replace them.


I made a unique team that does pretty well in arena (I do not do much with coliseum anymore cuz I am already in Plat 1)

It is a support team.

Judy (Fe), Woody (Je), Kevin Flynn (Qu), Jack Sparrow (Ba), Baymax.

With three support characters, Judy grants (three star memory disk) a 900% inceease in basic damage. Baymax provides shields, Woody pulls the furthest enemy into Jack Sparrow (who after killing them gets an energy boost which is useful) then Jack Sparrow white triggers and the enemy team goes bye bye. Kevin Flynn is there to protect against Backline charms and for his other abilities.

If my Miguel were stronger, I would substitue him for Kevin Flynn.

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I think you forgot the fact that Kevin Flynn isn’t support, he’s control. So Judy’s disk doesn’t increase 900% only 600%.

Instead, you would do well to change Flynn for Miguel, and the latter if it is support.



oh my…this changes everything I thought I knew…my life is a lie.

Edit: I just checked, Kevin Flynn is support.

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Hey I’m pretty sure everyone even f2ps got all the heroes… If you’re on server 1 :yum:!! And also won’t finding the best team on the forums means someone will be able to counter attack effectively?


Yes, sorry for muy error. I assumed
he Is control

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Its ok no harm done :grin:


Don’t worry.
Genie is control even though he only has his green skill which actually affects enemies (which can also be support) and 3 skills that affect teammates.

Also, I do the same thing. I use whatever heroes I feel like using, and build a team around that. (Of course all of my heroes are P1-P3 and very similar in power level.)
I dont really know many characters that aren’t usable at all. The general worst are (no disc) Judy, Yax, Dash and Frozone. All the other characters are usable in conjunction with other heroes.