Team Feedback


I plan on working on my teams over the next few weeks. I was wondering if I’ve made good decisions. What do you guys think?

Team 1 (Main Team): Baymax, Quorra, Judy, Moana, Maleficent
Team 2: Sally, Darkwing Duck, Woody, Elsa, Tia Dalma
Team 3: Shank, Scar, Ursula, Mickey, Calhoun


Depends on disks? Judy with felix diak could use another support. I personally always thought Elsa was better eith more freeze heroes.


List the equipped disks and disks availible to you as they can make a huge difference in how a comp plays out. As far as what I see I’m not particularly keen on any of them but I’ll assess it more when the disks are listed.


I dont think that putting up a “freeze” team is a good idea - the next logical step for PERBLUE would be introducing sub types .

So fire beats ice\water bats fire etc.
I would sit back and wait imho…


Wouldnt surprise me if in summer (if game will be still alive…) we will get some heat/fire related heroes maybe immune to freeze disable status


Normally a license is bought for two years…After that there will be a new contract…lets see


I’m already working on the Judy/Felix friendship, but I’m not sure what else. I’ll tell you what friendships I can unlock (I’d just need to level up heroes) later.


This is a list of all the friendships I’ve already unlocked

Baymax: None
Quorra: None
Judy: Felix & Bogo
Moana: None
Maleficent: None

Sally: None
Darkwing: N/A (I’m still working on unlocking him)
Woody: Jessie
Elsa: None
Tia: Yax & Jack Sparrow

Shank: None
Scar: None
Ursula: None
Mickey: None
Calhoun: Violet & Felix (I know the Violet disk in unanimously decided to be the better disk for her)

What do you guys think is my best plan of action?


Could give this a try. Only hero I’ve listed that you haven’t is Violet.

Scar, Judy (Fe), Violet, Tia (Ya), Mickey - Scar and Tia (Ya) combos nicely. Vio and Mickey combo nicely and Judy (Fe) is the icing on top.

Baymax, Quorra, Ursula, Elsa, Mal - This is just a very strong cohesive line.

Shank, Sally, Moana, Darkwing, Cal (Vi). Diamond crates hate me, so I can’t weigh in on Darkwing yet, but I know that his disk is bugged right now, so he’s seeing a lot of high level play. This line is what was left over and has high survivabilty.


I don’t have Darkwing either. Btw, thanks for making these lineups from the heroes I already have!


I just tried the teams in colli. (I replaced Darkwing with Vanellope until I get him.) The two bottom teams won their fights. The first team didn’t make it. In my opinion, they need a tank.


Judy ends up being the tank in that line, but to be fair, I didn’t start using a line like this until my Fe disk was at least 3*. If you want to put in an actual tank, I’d go for something with high survivabilty. Shank is already in use, so Bogo (Inc disk) is who I’d look at.


I’m planning on sticking with the teams I have for now, but thanks for the suggestion!