Team for jafar

Is there any team that jafar can do well on?

Honestly, it depends on which memory disc you plan on using, and building a team that can synergize with it. As Jafar does blinds and charms, those are ones to think about having on the team. I might suggest Baloo and Snow White as a start. Timon and Pumbaa can also help out, especially if you do go with Baloo.

Would mary work since she does blind and charm?

If going with the classics, Jafar works great with those who can boost his Blue skill by buffing damage dealt directly (Hades, Goofy) or giving more SP (Nick, Tron, Kristoff). Otherwise, depends on enemies, he is vulnerable to those who can hit him before he activate his skill (Mulan, Zeus, Baymax), so you might need to include counters for those. Some characters can nullify his skill (Hatter, Wasabi), but I would say it’s a case where you better use some other toon.


If he has the Scar disc, Baymax (Ol) can be a good teammate. Baymax will freeze the enemy team, and allow Jafar to hit them with his sandstorm attack.

would baymax,mary,jafar,gothel plus one more work? I’m thinking mary would pair nicely with jafar because she has blind and charm and she can negate zeus with her disc and gothel there for damage

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Sure. I’d probably have the last one be a healer - like Rapunzel, Kermit, or Pocahontas.

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Doesn’t snow heal?

I believe she does, yes.

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Snow with her Ariel disc also helps counter Zeus. So her on healing duty, plus prevention of Zeus after Mary would be a good fit.

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