Team for this week invasion?

what heroes house I focus for this week invasion ?

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This week it will be the Blue Invasion. Depending on who you have levelled up there are various options. Stitch and Bo Peep can help make boss fights easier. Animal is good at increasing your damage output on boss battles. Elsa and Alice are great Damage dealers.

If you have her at least a bit leveled, I suggest the Evil Queen. Her true damage, combined with the quadruple damage from the mark, is great to deal a huge amount of damage to a boss.

I like Meg with Bo Peep, then Stitch and Animal and maybe Woody or K&S or Elsa

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Evil queen most of her skills are level based no?
So basically useless for invation?

There are power ups. This is her invasion

And those power ups grant a lot of skill levels if you look at it. It should be easy to keep it above the level of the bot at least.

I unfortunetly don’t own EQ, so i’m going with Bo, Meg, Elsa, K&S and Duke this week


Replace Duke for Stitch maybe

My Stitch is too bad to be added yet, and Duke can provide speed and healing so he really adds something to the team

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