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clawhauser. 4 skill - 100% of the armor goes into reality and 100% of reality into armor. at what point does it all count? is it possible for the hero to collect all the mods for armor or all the mods for reality and these 100% of the values ​​will go either there or there. I now have 7 million armor and 4 million reality. how does it all count? is there a limit? according to the description 7m + 4m = 11m of armor and reality will my hero have at the start of the battle? and then in battle it will also multiply from abilities, buffs and kermit?

Basically do the armor/reality mods count with the basic skills he already has.

Maybe I’m wrong, but…
Adding armor and reality mods to claw should increase the passive amount from purple skill, and also enchance his other skills/disks that are determined from armor and reality
However, i think it’s added to his base armor and reality, so it’s not a buff and can’t be duplicated by Kermit

Reality mods are better for Clawhauser, purely because they give a higher % of HP as defence than Armour mods do. The in-battle stats are equal thanks to his skill.

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So it would be wise to give 4 reality mods.

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If you want to take maximum advantage of his armour/reality based skills and defences, yep!

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