Team l3allin’ Server 21 Recruitment!

Hey friends!

After some spring cleaning Team l3allin is recruiting!


-We are a top 20 guild on server 21!
-Tons of guild perks already activated!
-Fun, excellent guild with tons of advice for any and all modes of play!
-We love to Heist!
-We place really high in guild war!

Literally the best leadership around!

We prefer Team Level 90+ but we make some exceptions for motivated, friendly players!

Feel free to simply apply via search or shoot a friend request to K A or Disney Demon or of course reach out to me here and I can aim you in the right direction!

Thanks everyone! :heart:

Bumping this!

Team Ballin (s21) is recruiting active, friendly mature players.
Read 18+ of age.
We’re looking for people to join our little family. What we offer is a friendly environment that is also competitive enough.
We have a level 5 guild with some great perks (including faster leveling up till level 100)

:arrow_right:Must be active
:arrow_right:Must be 18 years or older
:arrow_right:Play as a team
:arrow_right:Meet our daily requirements
:arrow_right:Meet level 90+ teamlevel

As of this post we have 6 slots left.
Come join us, grow with us


It is better to advertize for your guild on your server, just saying.

No need to say this.

Indeed, VIP-chat, enemies in war or heist could be options to find active people

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Or just global.

We already do that as well. Doesnt hurt to try other ways as well

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