Team Rankings

Hello! On this you can request certain teams for me to create, and they will be tested against many different battles. Then I will rank them for you!

One side note: I don’t have Audrey

can u do a witch team

Of course!

How about a duck team?

Good for story mode mostly
Evil queen dies fast even at high lvl
Overall, 6/10

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Great team!
Scrooge was alive the whole time
Good for story mode and city watch
Could POSSIBLY be a good colosseum team, with right disks and levels
Overall, 8/10

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For celebration of Quasimodo, a custom Quasimodo team will be created with this poll. Poll will close on November 3rd!

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  • Esmeralda
  • Prince Phillip
  • Pocahontas
  • Aladdin
  • Tigger
  • 22
  • Ralph
  • Aurora
  • King Triton

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Remember to vote for 2 heroes!!

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Can you make an entrance attack team?
Examples of characters with an entrance attack are Quorra, Baymax, Chip & Dale, Aladdin, Gonzo, and Launchpad McQuack.

Sure!! I am at work right now, so it will be out in an hour!!

Okay! Thanks!

OK team
Doesn’t stand out
Quotes does quick even at high lvl
Gonzo surprisingly lives
Overall 5/10

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Can you please do one with all stitch characters

i think you mean Quorra dies, correct?

Yes, sorry abt my spelling error

Due to heavy traffic, all team recommendations will be delayed to tomorrow morning eastern time.

Okay! :+1:

Ok thanks for helping with teams

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