Teams at a glance?

Wouldn’t it be nice just to quickly glance at a hero and know which team they’re on?


That actually sounds nice. But I like how it is now.

Well it wouldn’t hurt just to add even a DOT?

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Well, there is a sort team option :man_shrugging:

In theory it is a good idea but in practice I don’t know how well it would actually work.
The biggest issue I see with having a quick glance way of seeing which team a character is on is that eventually a lot of your heroes are going to be red ranked and so at just a quick glance I think a lot of people will assume a character is on the red team when they might not be.

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That’s why I devised this method

And how will that work with the square icons?

Why does the top left level color need to be the same as the bottom left color. The color at the bottom left can tell you what skill level you’re at and the color at the top left can tell you what team you’re on?

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