Tenacity vs freeze

In the info for tenacity it states that it reduces disables which include freezes. My maximus has 221 tenacity and the TL cap for my server is 140, so he should get 81% les freeze duration. However, powerline is able to perma freeze him, i.e. Maximus stays frozen until powerline freezes him again. How is this posible?


Any other freezer like Elsa, Kristoff? Or, what the team was?

I just got frozen like that with Maximus and… well, there was Kristoff and Elsa. I agree perma-freeze should be banished.


There are heroes that will increase the length of allies’ disables, and there are heroes that will decrease enemies’ tenacity. Do you remember the full line you were facing? Also, was this in Creep Surge, City Watch, or a reinfected area, places where enemies’ levels can go over the server cap?


I think there was a kristoff in the team but at the time he was dead, not sure if his purple stays active after he is dead. Even if it did though, powerline’s freeze lasts 10s+3.5s from kistroff’s purple. 19% of that is around 2.6s and the cooldown for his slow is 12s…

This was in arena, only powerline and louie were alive.

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Was there anyone who might have reduced his tenacity?

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Only hero who can reduce tenacity at the moment is Maleficent.


There was denifitely no Maleficent. I think the whole team was louie, kristoff, mulan, powerline and animal. Im not sure but it was the only team in my league that fitted the toons I remembered. They may have changed their defense team though.

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Doot, do-do doot! Kristoff extends the lengths of freezes and slows, dead or alive. That could explain why Maximus was frozen for most of the time.

And then there’s the cooldown and Animal that can help Powerline permafrost Max.

Wait does attack speed raise the cooldown speed?
I mean if my math is correct powerline still needs 4x atack speed to permafrost my maximus. (Assuming attack spped raises cooldown speed by the same amount)

No. It is not directly related. Or maybe it is. Not sure.

I do believe tenacity does not reduce the freeze. Which might be a bug.
@Polaris can the team look whether tenacity is working correctly against freeze? I have a feeling it works correctly with charm, stun, but not freeze.

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I think it’s working as long as K&S aren’t involved. My Elsa’s red skill lasts like 1 second against Beast, unless I put Kristoff too

I believe the counter is broken with Kristoff and Sven there. Likely the disable duration buff is messing with the tenacity disable duration being lowered.

Let´s see. A level 200 R13 Maximus has 268 tenacity.
So, he should reduce the duration of disables for 68% to just 32%.
Then, Kristoff buffs the duration of slows and freezes for 35% to 135% (1.35x) of standard.

Overall, the duration reduced against Kristoff-based team with Maximus should be 32% of 1.35x, which is 43.2% of the duration.
But more likely the Kristoff duration buff messes with Tenacity, thus Maximus only reducing the duration of disables from 135% (100% x1.35) to 67% (32% to which Maximus reduces the duration + 35% from Kristoff buff).

Hence why even Maximus is perma-frozen. 2/3 of the duration is enough for it. Roughly 2/5 that should be the duration won´t be enough to perma-freeze.

@Polaris can you ask the team which of these calculations is correct? the 67% or the 43.2% one

But even if it is 67% that is 6.7s freeze vs 12s cooldown. Maximus should still have plenty of time to move. In my case it would be even less freeze time at 19+35%. In order to permafreeze him kristoff would need to be completely disabling tenacity…

Not quite, meanwhile Powerline can freeze and King Louie reduces the speed to cripple so even if Maximus was not frozen for some time likely he´d have so many slows on him that he´ll do nothing. :slight_smile:

Yeah but maximus was always frozen. Even if louie is slowing and stuff, I didn’t see maximus not be frozen He was always blue, never his natural color

I don’t believe you answered the question. What was the fight in? CW? I had a CW match against pooh where rapunzel wasn’t clearing honey. I thought it was a glitch and put a ticket in. Then I realized that the opposing team was like 20 levels higher which was causing it to fail.

I did say it was in arena, so no extra levels. Please read carefully.

I’m bumping this up because I would also like an answer to this. @Polaris

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Can anyone send me a link to a video depicting Kristoff perma-freezing Maximus? If I send it to support directly, the response might be better.

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