Thackery Binx: Cat Hero Concept

Thackery Binx is ready to show the enemies that no matter how hard they try he shall always triumph over the enemies.
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“You hag! There aren’t enough children in the world to make thee young and beautiful!”
Role: Tank
Team: Yellow
Stars: :star2:
Entrance: Thackery Binx hops onto the battlefield.
Basic Attack: Thackery Binx hisses at the enemies
Victory: Thackery Binx meows happily
Defeat: Thackery Binx lies his head down in defeat.

White Skill: Pounce :white_circle:
Binx jumps at the front most enemy and scratches them, blinding them for 13.0 seconds and dealing X true damage. If that enemy is above 25% of their max HP, Binx also applies a random debuff and 4 stacks of fatigue.

The random debuff application has a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.

Green Skill: Protected by Magic :green_circle:
Binx removes all the debuffs of his weakest ally and cleanses them, if Binx has any debuffs applied to him and he is below X percent of his max HP, he removes those debuffs and applies them to the enemy with the most HP.

The debuff removal has a chance to fail if Binx is above level X. Binx cannot use this skill on himself.

Blue Skill: Immortal Cat :large_blue_circle:
Binx dodges all debuffs for the first 8.0 seconds, if he gains a debuff after 13.0 seconds or less, he cleanses himself and allies.

The cleanse has a chance to fail if Thackery Binx’s allies are above level X

Purple Skill: I can’t die, remember? :purple_circle:
When Binx reaches 1 HP, he heals himself for 75% of his max HP and cleanses himself, he can only use this skill on himself once per wave, he can also use this on allies, he can heal each ally twice.

Red Skill: Black Cat Guard :red_circle:
Whenever Thackery Binx dodges a debuff, he gains 1000 energy, “Protected by Magic” now allows him to use the skill on himself, “Pounce” now also snares the 3 frontmost enemies for 6.0 seconds and grants Binx and his allies X reality. “I can’t die, remember?” Now lets him use the skill on himself 2 times.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+18% starting reality
+X starting HP
+X bonus normal damage to “Pounce”


Binx/Winifred Sanderson

Disk: Witchy Story

Image: A cat reading Winifred’s spellbook.

Thackery Binx now stuns all enemies at the beginning of each wave for 9.0 seconds.

+3 stacks of hardy to all allies at the start of each wave.
+X bonus reality at the start of each battle

Binx/Sarah Sanderson

Disk: Not Your Boy Toy

Image: Binx hissing at Sarah.

Thackery Binx now snares enemies every 4 basic attacks for 6.0 seconds and stuns them every 2 basic attacks for 4.0 seconds.

+4 stacks of fatigue to all enemies at the start of each wave.
+567843 bonus HP to all allies each wave.

Friendship Chat:

Binx/Winifred Sanderson

Binx: Oh I hate it in this city
Winifred: Thackery Binx? Still a mangy feline?
Binx: Winifred Sanderson, still an old hag?
Winifred: ‘gasp’, I shall curse you for being so rude to me!
Binx: You already did.
Winifred: thou deserves another curse.
Binx grabs Winifred’s spellbook
WInifred: Thou shall give me my book back! BOOOOOOOK!
Winifred chases Thackery down the street

Thackery Binx/Sarah Sanderson

Sarah: No boy has fallen in love with me yet!
Binx: Sarah?
Sarah: Oh Thackery Bink? Thou is still a cat?
Binx: Thou is still, you know that so stop rubbing it in.
Sarah: How will I play with you then…
Binx: You won’t
Sarah: I’ve got it!
Sarah summons a cage and puts Binx in it
Binx: Let me out of here!
Sarah: Not on my watch! Hahahahahaha!
Sarah brings Binx to her sisters

Doesn’t this seem a little overpowered?
But a very good job otherwise! :smiley:


Very well made. Not a character I’d expect for the game but would be a cool addition

Maybe but a lot of new heroes are overpowered now

Thank you :slight_smile: you were the first comment on any of my concepts!

thank you!

Thank you that means a lot to me :blush:

No problem, these never disappoint in my opinion

:blush: that is nice.

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Very true.

You’re welcome! You obviously put in some work for these, so it’s the least I can do to appreciate them.

oh tysm thats so sweet :smiley:

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