Thank u Perblue & Polaris 4 dis amazing year


I just wanted 2 share my message a little early.

It’s almost gonna be 1 whole year since I played dis amazing game. Ever since I heard about Disney heroes, it got my attention fast. I watched so many gameplays of the beta version & I was so hyped 2 play it 4 myself. When it came out worldwide, I rushed 2 the playstore so fast, dat I was as fast as Quicksilver. When I got the game, I was so happy. The animation, the characters, the storyline, the gameplay, everything was so worth the wait. When new updates came, I got very excited 2 see the new characters coming to the fray. And never, has anything got me upset 2 the point dat I wanted 2 quit. I just enjoyed what Perblue has in stores 4 us. And I’m excited 4 another year. Thank u 4 reading my dudes.

Heres to another year of Disney heroes battle mode :clinking_glasses:


Lol I also posted an anniversary celebration post. But I agree. I’m really thankful that Disney and PerBlue made this game and meeting all of you!:couple::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands::couple::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands::couple::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands::couple::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands: such a wonderful community!


…what happens when this game goes down? …will we just…never speak again… :anguished:


No! Hopefully this forum doesn’t go down even if the game does. Or if they both go down then all of us can find a way to still message each other?


This is me when it comes to Disney Heroes. I always get psyched up when new characters get announced and I’m highly intrigued to what’s in store in the future, especially the storyline. Disney Heroes-Battle Mode has got to be one of the best games I have ever played.

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There is a fan managed Facebook group and a fan managed general DHBM Discord group setup as other ways to communicate.

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