Thank you for your feedback

Ok, I did NOT expect my Elsa post back in Feedback Corner to spark up so much conversation. Thanks to everyone that gave me tips on how to deal with this character that I personally struggle against fighting.

I will say this however, I feel…kind of embarrassed because I was so polite in that post talking about why I personally hate fighting the character, and of course my opinion turned out to be unpopular as always. I just feel like I gave a bad first impression on the forums I guess…

But anyway again, thanks for giving me your tips and feedback.

PS: Something to know about me is that I’m a player that doesn’t like to only use characters that are competitively good. I like to mostly use characters that I love or have an attachment to, with ONE OR TWO competitively good ones. Basically I just play to have fun while still trying to achieve success.


Now now friend it’s not that your opinion is unpopular it’s that it’s just not very prominent Elsa is kinda a dark place in this fandom because her relevancy in this game has died. Everyone is using Olaf instead so she kind of is ignored and therefore is rarely used. Not your fault at all!


Oh exactly as he said. There’s no need to feel embarrassed. It’s a complex system, it can be difficult to find counters for old heroes, especially when they’re supported by the stupidly buffed heroes they’ve been churning out recently.

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Yeah honestly characters die out eventually. Duke used to be everywhere until characters like Jafar came out and killed him instantly. This is natural selection. It’s basically a changing food chain where the strongest are used and the weak ones are breakfast

Instead? Many people are using both, they go very nicely together. Elsa is still very much liked and can be very strong!

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True but I rarely ever see Elsa anymore She kinda just is there.

I use her regularly in my coliseum teams.

I am the same way when it comes to my hero selections. I love using Moana and Merida, not because they are competitively good, but because I have an attachment to the characters themselves. Their effectiveness is just another plus! And I do use a couple of the meta heroes as well, just so that I can achieve a bit more success.

Anyways, I’m glad that brought this up. It’s nice to see new users on here being very respectful and apologizing for any potentially bad impressions they might have made. Not to say that you made a bad impression, it’s just that seeing new respectful people on here is a rare occurrence.

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