Thanks for such a wonderful game and community!


To celebrate the almost anniversary, I just wanted to thank PerBlue and Disney for making such a fun and great game. This has been one of (if not my favorite) game. I rarely ever play a game so much or for so long. It’s been about a year and it’s still so amazing and I hope PerBlue never stops updating this game. It’s also the first game where I’ve encountered such a wonderful, supportive community. Nearly everyone is so helpful and kind. I was never really into video games (except Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Cooking Mama, and Super Mario Kart lol) as a kid so this is basically my first gaming community. So I never understood why people said their gaming friends were so important to them, but now I do. I love how I was welcomed from the start along with everyone else, wether it be in the guild or forum. Even though, we are complete strangers, I feel like I know you guys almost like friends. Sorry, if this is a bit dumb, but I just really feel grateful for downloading this game and getting to know all of you. Hope to see another year of playing and chatting with you guys!:blush:


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It’s never dumb when opening yourself with full honesty and with a warm care.
Gaming friends even far away, its just like any other, sharing good and bad experiences and spend time together.
Big shout out to you @TherMasterStitch, although knowing nothing about, you are 1 of many, who made this community great.

Big shout out to Perblue for releasing such a simple and yet awesome game, from all big and non time Disney-Pixar fans, which we can see our favourite and non characters interacting with one another. This was a ride full of rollercoasters from top to bottom with wonderfull experiences. First year almost complete and hopefully to see many more.
Big thank you to Perblue and the whole community.

Thank you!


Thanks! You’ve also been an awesome forum friend over these past few months!


Thhis is not dumb, it is…Sappy, Cheesy, and all around cliched despite that, I like it.

This community really is amazing. In some ways, I feel closer to some of you than I do to my family. :smirk::wink:

I better grab somesome crackers for the cheese and some ice cream in case I start crying!

:slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:


Yeah it’s sappy but I feel it’s true. This is a great game and community!


:heart: :hugs::birthday::tada:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISNEY HEROES BATTLE MODE :fireworks: :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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Well it’s officially been one year since this game has come out! Again, thanks for everything guys!
PS. Love the celebration that we get to choose our badges now! Finally my avatar matches 1/3 of my name! Cheers!!!

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