Thanks PB for another Basil (Gadget)

These stats are just so gosh dang awful… thanks for the three stat changes… each one getting worse until these final crap stats were decided on :unamused:

There’s no crit chance pretty much so no extra damage to her skills which just makes her worse :unamused:


As I said few days ago… she is terrible.

2.5M damage… Ralph deals more.

And how it is possible copied Go Go’s badges are correct.

Her bio, the last sentence is copied from Vinny.
There’s a lot of wrong stuff with her.

And she is another hero with terrible disk and RS bonuses.

Another Basil/Kim.


After some testing Gadget is still bad as a damage hero but as a control hero she does pretty good tbh :confused: So maybe PB should change her to a control hero instead :+1:

Wait, she’s listed as a Damage hero? I just assumed she was Control. Huh.

No she was always damage but I just feel she is better marked as a “Control” hero since her damage is pretty trash but she does some pretty nice Snares

Well, nowadays and from… LONG time control heroes had huge damage, sometimes bigger than the role which actually should have.

And Snare is meh.

Most heroes will still use skills, and your melee heroes will go towards Snared enemies anyways.

The only thing that’s bad for me in her skillset is the extra damage from the Blue Skill.

When it comes to evasion, she is the new Basil (her tenacity is fine for now)

Below 50%. Not good.

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