The 300 % max speed increase

One of the messages during the loading of the game says that max speed is capped to 300%. If I am using animal and he uses his white skill in quickly enough I understand that it will only count 3 times because 3 x 100% = 300%. but does this cap consider mods. Is I had 4 max speed mods so 80%. Is it still caped to 300% so the mods are useless or does his speed go to 380% ?

Animal’s ultimate doesn’t stack with itself. It just refreshes.

In which case, consider Animal’s Gonzo disk; after 40 seconds, it will be increasing allies’ attack speeds by 200%, which when added to Animal’s white skill make it 300%. Do the mods stack on top of that, or do they merely allow the modded hero to reach the maximum 300% speed increase 15 seconds before their allies?

@Loutre, any chance the devs could answer this? (I strongly suspect the second case is what happens, but confirmation would be nice.)

That is much more clear way of asking it thx.

I mean, I’m not a mod or anything, but I’m pretty sure the 300% cap is compared to the base speed of a hero, so it isn’t the same for everyone. (Like a 300% speed buff Animal will be much faster than a 300% speed buff Li Shang). And I think attack speed mods just passively increase the base attack speed of a hero. So a 300% buff on a hero with attack speed mods would still count as a 300% buff, just of a faster base speed

I agree with you. My question is for invasion if I use animal and my players are hitting the 300% max speed. Is putting increase speed mods a waste? Or does call increase due to mods?

My guess is that it increases a bit more, but to be sure it’d be better to wait for a mod to reply

If I max out all 4 of my mods it’s 80% speed increase. Just not sure if it means 380% is the new max or like pervious player about stated it could be to get to the 300% faster. So it would be a waste to use 4 mods

If my guess is correct, it’d be in effect a 540% buff compared to the unmodded hero, but the game would still count it as 300% cause their base speed would still count as 100%.
Of course I could be wrong.

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