The 4 Dwarfs from snow white!

Stars: 1

Role: universal (Grumpy : damage) middle
(Lazy : contole) back
(Happy : Support) back
(Doc : Tank) front

Entrances : up to comments

They should be the same hero but as different characters that should swap places with their white skill but just have a decent basic attack and entrance

White skill : Of to go mining

Player may choose one of the four dwarfs to start in the battle ( on auto the game will choose at random ).Each dwarf will have a different entrance with different effects. Can switch dwarfs with spesial and add effects from starting battle(only one dwarf on screen)

Unlock Grumpy : starts running in with a huff and screams at everyone scaring and studying the creeps for x seconds and having a chance to pierce/shatter them for x seconds

(Basic damage will deal an equal amount of fantastic damage added with normal damage)

Green skill : Cant we just rest!

Unlock Lazy : slowly walks to the battle and then yawns hard giving all enemies stacks of fatigue and reduced hp

(Basic attack wont deal damage but instead slow the character x percent for x seconds and reduces skillpower by x amount)

Blue skill : what a beautiful morning

Unlock Happy : happily walks in (mickey mouse walk) and cheers for heroes giving them x amount of hardy and x % more hp

(Basic attack wont target enemies instead will heal heroes x amount hp and give x percent attack speed)

Purple skill : line of defence

Unlock Doc : walks proudly to the front of the line smirking and giving all creeps stacks of fatigue and lowering their max hp by x percent

(Basic attack does normal damage but heals Doc as much damage that is dealt out by his basic attack)

Red skill : reinforcements

Once when a dwarfs at x hp he will run of the map and you may choose different dwarf.Lazy npw deals damge


Upcomming snow white
The horned king

FIY: Only one dwarf in field
Can only do basic attack
Does not generate full hp with different dwarf hp remains the same with each dwarf
Share the same stats (skill power,basic damage,hp, ect.)

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This is an interesting idea but could use some work. And you should post concepts fished

What do you mean fished or did you mean finished?

Oh sorry I mean finnished

His name’s Sleepy, not Lazy.
That’s my only complaint, otherwise good concept!

… The Dwarfs yet there are 7 in the movie and he graphic provided has 8 (Doc is doubles?)
I’m just confused :sweat_smile:
Concept looks cool though

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