The Adorable snowman concept


That may be an act of banishment

Stars 1

Frontline support trial team blue
Adorable and snow cones have a way by healing allies and insta killing enemies

Entrance adorable opens his banishment door and walks in like Michigan frog with his snow cone cart

Victory adorable eats like a 7 snow cones

Defeat the snow cones me,t but adorable is sad :cry:

Basic attack adorable whacks an enemy with a snowcone

White skill snowcone palooza: adorable throws snow cones at his allies healing them by x hp making them deal +305% damage and increasing their attack speed by 150%

Green skill banishment: adorable throws his banishment door then it opens to the enemy dealing x fantastic damage if the enemy is under 50% hp it has a 20% insta kills them

The insta kill has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill snowcone eat: Whenever adorable falls below 40% hp and survives he eats 5 snow cones healing himself for 10% max hp x the number of stars he has he also gains 1000 energy

Purple skill snowcone synergy: whenever adorable uses his white skill all allies have a 50% increase of stats for the rest of the battle and also freezes an enemy.

The 50% increase stats have a chance to fail against allies above level x

Red skill a wonderful chill: whenever an enemy gets frozen adorable uses banishment and gains 200 energy

Snow cones have a different efffect on allies and himself depending on color

Red: increases the basic damage by x for the rest of the battle

Orange increases armor by x form the rest of the battle

Yellow increases reality by x for the rest of the battle

Green increases skill power by x for the rest of the battle

Blue increase# the normal crit by 300% for the rest of the battle

Purple increases the fantastic crit by 250% for the rest of the battle.

Friendship with sulley

Adorable and sulley do a snowcone pyramid scheme

Disk snowmid scheme

All allies gains 100 energy whenever they are hit with a snowcone

Friendship with nick wild

They have frozen treats both are hideous and both are men

Disk common snow: whenever an enemy is hit with a snowcone adorable steals 100 energy

Next time will come mift or Jake the Nederland pirates

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