The Adventures of Mickey Mouse - Mickey Mouse

we will talk about the character in the adventures of mickey mouse season 1 which is mickey mouse we will talk about his abilities and his moves
Mickey Mouse


Level 1
Battles 1
mickey mouse the first character in season 1 of the adventures of mickey mouse his moves is mickey slash and special mickey heal he will also will get more abilities in the future!

You said this was a story, not a game…


this is not a game

Story-making is not a game, but you treat it like one.

And the dialogue is similar to that of a video game


What is this!?

what you need moves if he is gonna battle i am just saying you have your opinions i have mine

You don’t if it’s a story


Um okay…

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You might want to try keeping everything to one singular topic. Also, these things are not very well thought out. Please at least try to make things high quality before you post.


OK i will try my best for it to be one

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