The Adventures of Mickey Mouse Season 1

hello everyone to the adventures of mickey mouse remake i will promise that i will do better then the last i will try to make up my own story of mickey to tell

  • Episode 1


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Episode 1 will be coming out today it will be here in one to two hours 2020-09-13T04:00:00Z → 2020-09-13T04:00:00Z

here is episode 1

one day mickey was out on a beautiful day but out of nowhere darkness started to spread and the first villain is Ursula. She captured all of mickey’s friends; she even captured mickey he got captured to an arena where he had to fight his way out.

Mickey: Why i am not home?
Ursula: YOU FOOL! i captured all of your friends now you need to fight your way out
Mickey: OH NO! I need to get home!
Ursula: Well if you don’t you will be captured for ever!
Mickey: i can’t stay here forever. I need to save my friends fast!
Minnie, Donald: MICKEY HELP!
Pluto: WOOF!
Mickey: that sounds like Minnie Donald and Pluto i need to save them fast!
Mickey: maybe i should go into a battle
Mickey battles with Sulley
Evil Sulley: WAR! WAR !
Mickey: i guess i need to fight him
Mickey fights Sulley and Mickey wins!
Evil Sulley drop 3 Pluto tokens that has his face on him
Evil Sulley: you win this time!
Mickey: YES! I won this time maybe next time he will win

                                                                                                 The End for episode 1

The cringe… :grimacing:

You need to improve


Pluto can’t talk

There needs to be some improvement here

Also, did anyone else read Mickey’s lines in Mickey’s voice?


that is dialogue from mickey and ursula

As in, I read Mickey’s lines in Mickey’s voice

i changes a few things in the story stay toon for episode 2

soon i will be writing episode 2 of the adventures of mickey mouse

Episode 2 The awakening of Pluto
after the first battle mickey found these odd tokens he thinks every character has them but he needed to collect six for Pluto but he didn’t see Minnie, and Donald but he continued his journey to save all of his friends in the Disney universe but soon there is gonna be more characters

Mickey: what are these tokens?
???: that’s how you can save your friends
Mickey: Who are you?
???: i can’t tell right now but i am on your side
Mickey OK… thank you for being on my side but how many tokens i need for Pluto, Minnie, and Donald?
???: Pluto 6, Minnie 10, and Donald 12
Mickey: thank you very much
Mickey: i will be going into a battle now
???: you are welcome i will try to pop in anytime
Evil Pluto is gonna battle Mickey
Mickey: Pluto! Are you OK
Evil Pluto: WOOF!
mickey easily killed him and won!
3 Pluto tokens and 1 Minnie token has been received Pluto is unlocked

                                                                                                                  The End

Who is ???

  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • Minnie
  • Merlin

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hello everyone i am back later today i will announce the date for episode 3 soon i will create it as soon as possible

What Character do you want in Episode 3?

  • Joy
  • Baymax
  • Sadness
  • Evil Clones of Characters
  • Minnie
  • All of the Above

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Hello Everyone it is official to announce who is ??? please join me at 7:30 your time to see this crazy announcement

All of the above WINS!!!


Joy joins the FIGHT!!

episode 3 will be coming out on Jan 9, 2021 also happy new year!

hello everyone so sorry for all the delays i have episode 3 up and ready

Episode 3

Mickey and Pluto continues to adventure and Joy goes to meet them soon and Joy goes to find Sadness and her friends soon maybe Mickey and Pluto are still looking for Minnie and Donald’s tokens also have to save Sadness now

Mickey: Pluto! I am so glad you are ok

Pluto: Woof!

???: i see that you and pluto came back together

Mickey: yep i got all pluto tokens

??? there also another important thing about the tokens

Mickey: what?

??? the tokens are also for leveling up you guys

Mickey: Oh… so we need to get the tokens again?

???: Well Yes but i want to show you a character that was just freed

Mickey: Who?

???: her name is joy i don’t know if you know that she is from Inside Out Movie

Mickey: Ok bring her to us

Joy: hi i am joy it’s so nice to meet you

Mickey: it’s so nice to meet you to

Joy: have you seen sadness?

Mickey: uhh no and who is sadness is she a blue person?

Joy: yes have you seen her?

Mickey: No

Mickey: i think we need to go in a battle

Evil Sadness and Evil Sulley wants to battle

Mickey: Evil Sadness and Sulley!!!

Joy: Sadness it’s so good to see you…

Mickey Cuts out Joy

Mickey: Joy! It’s a trap

Joy: Ok
if you want to see the battle please get 10 hearts in this episode!

episode 3 is now out

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