The arena and coliseum rule for this season is absolutely ridiculous

The arena rule for this season is you can’t use heroes in the defenders lineup, this ruins arena and colusiem because it makes it almost impossible to beat teams with like eda, which makes me not do it because I will just lose anyway and I have good characters upgraded to yellow+, I made it to division II last season. Please get rid of this, this is insanely ridiculous.



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When there’s a wide range of heroes capable of anchoring top-tier teams and multiple ways of countering them, it makes for some fun variety. When there’s basically three heroes completely dominating the meta with virtually no chance of beating them if you can’t use those same heroes, yeah, there’s a problem. I think it’s a good rule in principle, but ought to be shelved until we get some hero balancing done.


Yes, but I have a feeling it’s going to take at least a year for the characters to be balanced, probably even longer. If it takes perblue 1 month to fix a simple bug, for example elite campaign bug, its not happening for a long time and it is hard to upgrade all the characters to a good level too


Thanks for this feedback, we’ll look into it.

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