The Battle Cats Hero Concept

The Battle Cats, :star: :star:, Damage, Frontline.
Team Trials: Red.
Quote: “Meow.”
Bio: These goofy and crazy cats are ready to battle.
Entrance: They all run into place.
Victory: They all start to dance.
Defeat: They all fall down.
Basic Attack: The Battle Cats headbutt an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Battle Cat Bash.
Fantastic Damage✨
The Battle Cats all herd into a group and dash into enemies, dealing X damage and stunning for 7 seconds.

Green Skill: Winged Cats Kaboom.
Normal Damage✊
The Winged Battle Cats will grab a few cartoon bombs and drop them on top of enemies, dealing X damage and knockback to enemies near.

Blue Skill: Battle Cat Bombard.
True Damage🏅
The Battle Cats all stampede and trample enemies, dealing X damage and granting The Battle Cats a 35% reality boost.

Purple Skill: Look! Up In The Sky!
Winged Cats Kaboom deals 45% more damage.

Red Skill: Battle Cat Attack!
The Battle Cats’ basic attack deals 65% more damage and knockback to the nearest enemy.
-Attack increases by 65% for 20 seconds.
-Defense increases by 50% for 25 seconds.

Friendship 1: The Battle Cats and The Cheshire Cat.
Campaign Story: C.A.T.S. “The Battle Cats have made a cats-only group and needs help forming it, so they call The Cheshire Cat.”
Allies: Mickey, Gonzo, Stitch.
Disk: Sneaky, Snappy Cats.
White Skill deals 60% more damage.

Friendship 2: The Battle Cats and Genie.
Campaign Story: Operation Cat Food. “Genie is granting The Battle Cats a wish, and they choose to get cat food.”
Allies: Aladdin, Dash, Sulley and Boo.
Disk: Cat Food Frenzy.
After using Battle Cat Bash, The Battle Cats are granted with 45% speed boost.

Extra Bonus:
This Cheshire Cat funko pop,
and this Mad Tea Party Cheshire Cat funko pop.

If you enjoyed this, that is good. :slightly_smiling_face:



This is really disappointing…you juar group all the battle cats together, and the skills don’t even make sense… :sweat:


I am so sorry my concept was bad. :disappointed_relieved:

No it isn’t (sorry for topic revival)

What are they from?

A mobile game

Okay. Good to know

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