The Bear King (King Fergus Character Concept)

King Fergus

Role: Tank

Position: Front

“Well that’s just grand now isn’t it? Guess whose coming to dinner?”

The bear king comes into battle fists flying and sword swinging as he pummel enemies.

Entrance: Walks in and unsheathes his sword

Victory: Let out a victorious chortle

Defeat: His peg-leg pop out and he falls to the ground

Basic Attack: Swings his sword

White Skill: Takeing them on: Fergus leaps into enemy lines and delivers a few blows delivering critical damage.

Green Skill: Give Them the Axe: Fergus throws and axe at enemies dealing fantastic damage.

Blue Skill: Buttin’ Heads: Fergus head butts the nearest enemy, dealing normal damage and stunning them.

Purple Skill: The Bear King: Fergus enters into battle with 3 stack of hardy

Red Skill: Makin’ this Devil Die: Give Them the Axe adds sap debuff



Campaign: Daughter-Daddy Day: Merida and Fergus have Father Daughter outing that was spoiled by the creeps.

Disk: Hard-Headed:

Disk Memory: Buttin’ Heads give Fergus a shield.

Disk Power: X Armor, X Reality


Campaign: Beary Friendly: Baloo shows Fergus that bears are not as bad as he thinks they are.

Disk: Fighting Like a Bear:

Disk Memory: Takin them on increases skill power

Disk Power: X basic attack

Feedback is appreciated

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What sort of a skill name is that? ‘Take them on’ or ‘Bare Hands’ would suffice.

Buttin’ or Butting

This should probably also deal damage.

ONE?!!! ONLY ONE?!!!

It should be at least 4.

Stat boosts?

Disks have two variables (disk power and memories).

Will this work?

Yep, it’s better now.


I know what going through your head right now.

“WHAT?!? Someone that actually took feedback without a complaint.”

Admit it. :yum:

I figured that someone as nice as you are would be fairly receptive to feedback so I wasn’t too worried about backlash.

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