The Beast to broken in campaigns!

I am stuck in 2 friend campaigns now.
My whole team of 5 heroes cant beat a single Beast 5 vs 1!!! Teampower 300k vs40-50k power beast. (In surge!)
This is rather ridiculous or simply unfair!
Are other having the same issue or am I the only one that thinks he is stupidly overpowered in events or campaign?
I cannot progress and dont understand how such a hero still exists with this kit.

My opinion is he should get a 1 time only buff to give him heal and dmg reduce afger reaching 1hp but not how it is right now!

Would be nice if someone from disney could actually test stuff with him for the future gameplay. Thx for reading. Your guys opinion?

Actually, there’s a weak link with the Beast. His Berserk will end if he is disabled for more than 10 seconds. I once faced this problem completing the Rapunzel-Jasmine friendship. Had to upgrade both of them and make use of math to find his tenacity and and therefore calculate the time needed to kill him. See that’s why numbers aren’t for fashion.


Beast is counterable easily with Control Heroes


Are you stuck in friend campaigns, or in surge? If it’s friend campaigns, tell us which heroes you have available, and someone can probably help you figure out how to beat him. If it’s surge, well, there’s quite a few counters available now (Tron, Randall(Yz), Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Magica…), or you can just pile on the disables (freeze/stun/silence/whatever) until you cause his Berzerk to time out.


It’s dumb how the enemies in the campaigns get 20 extra levels on their blue skills and 40 extra levels on their purple skills

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Yeah it’s pretty dumb but and they don’t even have badges on.

Yeah. It’s SUPER HARD trying to defeat them. And to think of the trouble I had to do before defeating the Beast

Well 1 friendship campaign is pooh and dory&hank so stun is not an option there and he stays alive after killing the team in 5 second the whole 1min.30

And that first example was creepsurge 5v1 just to give an example. But finding a permastun team means a certain hero or 2 with stuns and it still doesnt always work.

The 2nd might have been Rapunzel aswell but I just got it because beast wasnt activating his invincible skill for whatever unstuned reason (I mean I take it lol)

Hank & Dory stun with their blue skill, and Finnick stuns slowed enemies with his white skill.

First Finnick dies way to fast 2nd hank&dory only stun backline enemies not someone right in your face ^^

If you are having trouble with certain heroes/lines in Surge, raid them. It’s not like friendship campaigns are randomly generated, every fight have been through testing and can be beaten. Upgrade heroes, try different mods, hold white skills for the right moment etc. Some friend campaigns are hard, others easy. Good luck :slight_smile:


I mean… true. Altough I guess some campaigns (Magica/Megavolt, Megavolt/Finnick, Tron/Flynn…) should have been tested more before having Sally added to them…


And before refreshing heroes

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