The best yellow team you mean

Hi. Like in topic. What is the best yellow team for invasion.

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Hello @Lipton_I and welcome to the forums. The best team will depend a great deal on how powerful your individual characters are as well as which characters are available on your server.
I use this team and never have any problems with the yellow invasion.

Never found a perfect team for yellow invasion. I highly recommend Miguel for both breakers and bosses, and Moana (Me), Robin Hood and Barbossa for bosses. Then Anger maybe?

@Phaldow try moana’s Mickey disk if yoyre using barbossa. This is a brutal combo.

I run Barbossa with Stitch Disk - slows down the bot more. Also Jack Sparrow with Barbossa Disk, Chief Bogo with Mr. Incredible Disk, Mike Wazowski with Jack-Jack Disk, and Nick Wilde with Judy Hopps Disk. I am considering whether to replace with Maleficent or Gaston.

Who I use


Can you elaborate more on the use of Moana’s Mickey disc? Does it grant Barbossa an additional increase in attack speed as well (in addition to the shield)?

Correct it does indeed increase the shielded ally’s attack speed.

It’s a bit of a luck trying to get it to actually land on the teammate you want, though. I run Miguel and more often than not if I use moana(mi) she’ll end up shielding him, which isn’t particularly useful.

It’s true. That’s the reason why I replace Moana with Anger (soon will be The Beast) in my team

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