The Big Little Kids Concept!

Welcome to my concept part 1.25.-A! (maybe?)
Today we have new special guests to be welcomed! We have Pororo and SamsonXVI!

New content:

  • Pororo from Pororo
  • SamsonXVI from Camping

Samson is a Front,:star2::star2:,Tank Hero that will be available in the diamond crates on all servers!

Team: Blue
Basic attack: SamsonXVI punchs an enemy with a golden gauntlet deals X damage! (Just like in “Muddy Park” Camping game)
Entrance: Samson use a car to drive into the battlefield
Defeat: Samson took off his hoodie and cross his arms
Victory: Samson lights up a torch and throws it away for fireworks


White: Cookie Gamepass
Samson eats a delicious cookie :cookie: to heals himself Y hp

Green: Roller skates
Samson use speedshoes to run to the enemies dealing X damage and decrease their Basic attack for seconds

Blue: Energy Strikes
Samson spins a stick to give him energy

Purple: Heart attack
Samson’s Basic attack will also stuns enemies for seconds


I just love unfinished concepts. Don’t you?


I so do not

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Where’s pororo?

Don’t revive dead topics.


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No one revived dead topics, and I don’t think you know what it means

It means to not reply to inactive topics

Why are you assuming that they don’t know what dead topics are? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :woman_facepalming:
Also Someone could have said “Great Concept” or something but then deleted their comment because they were told not to revive dead topics.

Ohhhh…. Then why was their post flagged? woman_facepalming

I didn’t flag it… I’m not a member or regular yet…

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