The Big Top Mall Ringmaster

Mack, Frankie, Henrietta, & Murphy
:star::star::star: Mid-Line Damage
Team: Red

“Welcome to the littlest big top on Earth! Prepare yourself for the most marvelous majestic animal show, the likes of which you’ve never seen!”

The ringmaster of the big top mall deals damage with the help of his animal performers.


Entrance: Rides in on a tricycle then gets off. Frankie will walk into position.

Victory: Mack removes his top hat then bows and the animal he is using will:

Frankie: Claps his flippers.
Henrietta: Jumps up and down
Murphy: Laughs

Defeat: Looks down and sighs and the animal he is battling with will looked shocked.


Basic Attack: Depends on animal Mack is battling with:

Frankie The Seal: Frankie tosses a beach ball.
Henrietta The Chicken: Mack tosses a baseball.
Murphy The Rabbit: Murphy squirts an enemy with water from his fire truck.

White Skill: Marvelously Majestic Animals

Normal Damage :fist:

Passive : Mack starts each wave with Frankie the Seal in battle with him. Frankie’s basic attack bounces between 3 enemies hitting them up to 3 times each.

Active : Mack bows, healing himself for X and swapping out for another animal chosen by the player. While on auto, it will go in the following order: Frankie, Henrietta, Murphy.

Green Skill: Stepping Up To The Plate


True Damage :shield:
Mack fights with Henrietta. Every 7 seconds, Mack will pull out a baseball bat and give it to Henrietta. Mack then tosses a baseball into the air and Henrietta will hit it. The baseball will hit the enemy with the least armor dealing X damage and stunning them for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill: Rabbit In A Fire Truck

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Mack fights with Murphy. Every 7 seconds, Murphy will turn on his Fire Truck hose and spray an enemy for 4 seconds, dealing X damage per second.

Purple Skill: A Nervous Wreck


After Frankie uses his basic attack, he gains 25% Attack Speed for 7 seconds.

Red Skill: The Greatest Show Ever Seen


Normal Damage :fist:
Stepping Up To The Plate decreases the enemy’s armor by X. Rabbit In A Fire Truck gains Y Splash Damage.

+X Armor
+Z Reality


Mack, Frankie, Henrietta, & Murphy and Rapunzel
Campaign: Advertising Committee
Disk: Spread The Word- Marvelously Majestic Animals heals for 10% more per debuffs on them plus 5% per star.
Description: Rapunzel helps Mack make billboards, flyers, and ads for his new show.
Allies: Mike Wazowzki, Huey, Duey, & Louie, Vanellope

Mack, Frankie, Henrietta, & Murphy and Ivan (Coming Soon)
Campaign: Father-Son Time
Disk: A Monkey’s Uncle- Marvelously Majestic Animals shields the ally with the least HP for 7 seconds. The shield has X HP plus 5% per star.
Description: Mack & Ivan spend time doing fun things around the city.
Allies: Genie, Hiro, Sergeant Calhoun

Fun Facts

-Mack is voiced by Bryan Cranston

-Frankie is voiced by Mike White

-Henrietta is voiced by Chaka Khan

-Murphy is voiced by Ron Funches

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Also apologies for the huge skill icons and character images, there was a huge difference in the size of the pictures I used.


That rabbit loves his truck

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