The Blue Invasion Grind :(

The real purpose of this post is in the last 2 paragraphs. Mostly just venting until then so if you wanna just skip, totally don’t blame you! Lol


So tired of Blue Invasion, its always been the least fun and most disappointing. It usually has some of the best toons, so many Meta have come from Blue. More than the other colors it seems like.(Just my casual observation, not an invitation for debate because it doesn’t really matter) Yet there isn’t a reliable 1hit Quick Fight line in sight. Not one that is consistent at least. There’s not even a reliable manual one as far as I’ve seen, not one that doesn’t putter out once you hit high level bots past 2k.

Plus it’s beyond annoying how a line will work one week but not the next. I used to use this one Mr.Incredable/QoH line that was fairly consistent, got it from watching Emitz’s videos before he quit playing (miss those videos Emitz!!! You completely changed how I play in regards to so many things. Mods was the biggest​:heart::heart::heart::heart:) But then one week it randomly stopped working. I think there was an EQ line before that that did the same. No toons got a refresh, they weren’t listed as having a bug corrected….they just stopped working. Then there was the Wasabi debacle, no need to rehash that load of BS.(I mean come on PB, I get nerfing him to a degree, but did you really have to make him completely useless for Blue Invasion? At least you gave us back Mim, there’s that but…gah!). The latest case of this was a Peep/Incredible line. 2 months ago was a decent enough QF line, NOT the most by consistent by half, but you could sometimes string together 10-20 bot wins in a row before it would lose 10 in a row lol (Peep died everytime, the sacrificial lamb for Mr.I, now they usually both die)….still better than anything else. But now that one has all but stopped working too. It runs ok as a manual line until high level bots, after that you have to use 2 hits instead of 1. My point is I’m not just sick of this insane grind every 3 weeks, I’m also sick of lines just seemingly ceasing to work at random too!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


But alas, end of rant. Does anyone know something I don’t? I generally see some variation of a Pleakley/Mr.Incredible line, but by all means, if there’s one out there that works for you please help this long time player out and post it. :pray:

I’m #10 in total power on Server 16 so there isn’t a toon I don’t have or that is under R12 or a disk I don’t have at least 3* on. I don’t say that to brag, merely to point out that I’m open and able to try just about any wackadoodle line y’all throw at me lol Bring em on!! #IJustWantABlueInvasionWhereIDontThrowMyPhone

Sab aka FireAngel

PS. Please remember, no senseless mean debating!! (:eyes: I see you Disney Forum Trolls…you guys who haven’t even played in a year but hop on here and stir the pot for shits and giggles….oh ya, I see you :eyes:) This is a post in search of help not about someone’s arbitrary need to be told they are right and someone else/myself admitting they are wrong. Please and Thank you! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Well… I don’t think there is a great quick fight line for blue right now.
But soon the blue team will have a shatter character, so it’ll be like Russell during red week

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Ugh. I’m especially mad about it because I’ll have to blow resources on them, even though I am opposed to them on principle. I don’t even have the luxury of ignoring their existence.

A month ago, in the first red invasion with Russell & Kevin, I used them to get all the reward tiers on my backup account when they were still in the blue ranks and around level 60-70. The blue team shatter hero will likely be the same way.

Currently I use inc, pleakley, animal, beakers and stitch

But its a manual line

I have a theory but need clarification if anyone can use zurg and elastigirl(Ja) and with a team?

Nope. It won’t work because Zurg’s shots don’t scale well to the bot’s HP.

Also, Zurg’s red skill doesn’t work against bots above his red skill’s level because power-ups currently don’t work on red skills

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If red skills scale to power-ups, Calhoun will be best for blue invasion then :upside_down_face:

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