The Brave Little Toaster for DHBM

I would love to see the characters from The Brave Little Toaster get in. Specifically, the five main appliances. If anyone can give me some concepts, that would be awesome.



I did on concept with all five appliances as one character.

I rather see them as separate characters.

Woah. This is a Disney-made film? Huh… You learn something new every day.

Wait! You actually thought The Brave Little Toaster was made by a different Studio?

Hey give me a break, I was super young the last time I saw it and didn’t have any concept of what movie studios and such are.

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I want this more than anything!!! And next would be Quasimodo and the gargoyles!

Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you.

I didn’t mean to sound upset, because I wasn’t.

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