The bug about Clawhauser and Kermit

I would like report a bug with Clawhauser and Kermit

Whenever I use them in battle and I see Clawhauser has Bunches of Reality and Armor on Him then Kermit uses his white skill, it doesn’t go to the whole team, and I used the team on someone (by level) lower than me but it still didn’t go to the whole team and their skills we’re maxed too!

Please explain why it isn’t working, Thank you.

The enemies level does not matter, Claw gets armor and reality regardless of the highest enemy level, its just less effective

Is your kermit high enough level to have a white skill level that is equal to or higher than the level of your other heroes? Sorry if that came out confusing

I just did this today (in the anniversary trial), and i saw the reality get copied.

You need to double check Kermit’s white skill level.

As I know, Kermit only copies active buffs. I noticed that Randall(Yz) is unable to remove Clawhauser’s buffs, meaning they might be passive.

Yeah. The buffs from his purple are passive, they aren’t copied and they aren’t removed

If it worked for you, that means it doesn’t work at lower for some reason

And yes both heroes skills are maxed

Ok, its for sure what is specified above in that case

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