The Charming Prince - Likely Concept Submission

This is my submission for the Likely Category of @Scarlet_Captain concept contest! Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated!

Prince Charming
Source: Cinderella

“It’s not about the slipper. It’s the girl in the slipper.”


Role: Support.

Position: Front.

Trial Team: Blue

Entrance: He comes riding his horse.

Victory: He bows.

Defeat: He drops his sword and looks disappointed.

Basic Attack: He attacks with his sword.


White Skill: Not Quite The Charm.
Prince Charming raises his sword and removes all charms from his allies and heals them for X HP for 6 seconds, allies also gain a charm immunity for 5 seconds.

Green Skill: Sword Practice.
Normal Damage.
Prince Charming slashes the nearest enemy with his sword, dealing X damage and pushing them back, then he gains reflect for 4 seconds.

Heroes with Reflect return 100% of damage dealt to them back at the enemy who dealt the damage. This damage cannot be avoided by dodges.

Blue Skill: Royal Greetings.
At the start of the wave, Prince Charming greets his allies, giving them X skill power. The ally with most skill power gains a charm immunity for the rest of the wave.

The Charm immunity may fail against allies above X level.

Purple Skill: Loyal Prince.
Prince Charming basic attack and skill power is lowered by X when he’s charmed.

Red Skill: Charming Judgement.
Prince Charming gains 20 evasion every time he’s charmed, this stacks up to 3 times.

Prince Charming has 50% more attack speed when an ally blocks a charm with “Charm Immunity”.

  • X Max. HP
  • X Basic Damage
  • X Armor


Prince Charming and Aladdin.

Description: Prince Charming spends a day with Aladdin.

Disk Name: White Gloves.

The ally with most skill power gains energy.

Disk Power

  • X Max. HP to Allies.
  • X Basic Damage.


  • The Ally with most skill power gains 100 energy at the start of the wave (+100 energy per star.)
  • +5% Attack Speed (+5% attack speed per star.)

Allies: Scar, Belle and Kermit.

Prince Charming and Timon and Pumbaa.

Description: Timon and Pumbaa teach Prince Charming to “Hakuna Matata”.

Disk Name: Not a Nice Dinner.

Stronger Sword Practice.

Disk Power

  • X damage to “Sword Practice”
  • X Skill Power to Prince Charming and Allies.


  • The reflect from “Sword Practice” is 20% longer. (+20% per star.)
  • “Sword Practice” gains 5 skill levels. (+5 skill levels per star.)

Allies: Alice, Simba and Nala and Syndrome.

Which Disk is better?
  • Aladdin’s Disk
  • Timon and Pumbaa’s disk.

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Interesting Concept!

I know the game is unexpected but I am actually curious as to why you chose T&P as a friendship? It’s unique and I love it,I just didn’t know where that came from,and if you never had a real reason,that’s good too.

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I choose most of my friendships at random lol, although I chose them with Prince Charming due to their Goofy personalities.


Well it worked

True True

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Ngl,I would’ve chosen Flynn Rider and Cinderella

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Cinderella isn’t in the game yet, though…

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I made a concept for her

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Interesting, not only this is the first anti-charm character I’ve ever seen, It’s also Price Charming, a characther that one would expect to be able to charm. He would be really good in certain match-ups, great concept!


Sometimes the obvious route is not the best route to use.


I’m not saying that’s obvious,that’s just my opinion,I love his choice of friendships!

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