The City Library(Story Center)

I was joking it was a Nani creep. I should have clarified that

…i don’t get it…like nani(from lilo and stitch) turned into a creep???


No… you even said “beat up Nani for no reason”. In friendship campaigns, the storyline will never mention creeps that can be playable characters

Yeah…he did say that didn’t he

You know I’m confused how my story is unrealistic it’s based off of real things that happened

A story with sanic(a dead meme) in it

Also lets not flag people in here

That’s his username

His username is sanic

Yehp Yehp yehp
I can prove it

Okay then dude

And it is based off real things that have happened sooooo…

What happened???

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… A friend named Jason Grace went through depression and killed himself

Dang that’s fricking dark

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I know man


(Voice in my head:their busy with their posts)



Probably also I just asked questions to other friends about Jason Grace and they all showed signs that hinted at Suicide

Man this post just got depressing

(The others must be watching our conversation right now or something like that)

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Yea that seems super possible, also I’m a guy who likes moving forward so really nothing gets me super down

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