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Welcome fellow DHBM players, to the City Library(not to be confused with a feature that some players want in the game to take us back to previous Story Campaign dialogues)! As a story writer and artist, I’ve seen fan content emerging for this game, and I was happy to see them! When it comes to fan art, comes stories. Here on this topic, refer to these rules before writing:

  1. Any kind of writing format is welcome here.
  2. There’s no specific prompts given by me here, unless a writing contest is about to happen. That’s a separate topic, and I would provide a link for that one post. Also, there are other topics similar to this, so I’ll provide them too as links below.
    3.Thou shall optionally allow/do critiques, but shall not be rude to one’s work.
  3. Thou shall not have explicit content, such as racism or any extreme topic that makes the real world unhappy. Please be careful when writing.
  4. Stories should be DHBM/Disney related.
    -If writing DHBM-related stories, whichever Hero(es)/Villain(s) you wish to be in the game can also appear in your stories too. They have to be owned by Disney though.
    -If you have OCs created for DHBM/Disney, you are also welcome to put them in your stories.
    6.Here on this topic, thou shall not worry about competition(unless there’s a contest going on) and shall go with the flow. Simply have fun.
    7.If it’s for a contest, please post your story on a writing contest topic instead. See the story contest links below.
  5. If you’re considering to “kill” off a character, minor gore is acceptable. Just, not too much though.

In other words, break a leg!

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:neutral_face: I prefer my leg unbroken if it is all the same to you. :grimacing:




Goodbye childhood…


I got one question, so we just write? Stories right?
And also can we include the Infinity Stones because Disney owns marvel…

Wait but what if we “kill” someone off ? Because most Disney movies have deaths from villains & Disney parents

  1. Yes, writing stories is the main concept of this topic. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a full story. It could be dialogues, poems, etc.
  2. Disney owns Marvel, so you can implement the Infinity Stones in your story.
    3)Back in the ol’ days of Disney, especially the release of Bambi I, parents/villains often get “killed” off(whether known or unknown). Nowadays, it isn’t as common anymore. In other words, I’ll accept it as long as there isn’t too much gore.

Oh the horror! The horror!



That got strange quickly. :frowning:


But what if the Death is Suicide?

Like I said, as long as there isn’t too much gore, suicide can also be implemented.

Oh ok because mine isn’t really about the suicide they just hint at it

Ok here it is
The investigation

Episode 1 “The Discussion”

One dark night in the city
Bogo: Officer Hopps you and Wilde need to be on this new case that has went up about this college student named Jason Grace!

Judy: Sorry Bogo But me and Nick can’t do that case remember you put us on the Case for the Heist Case with Mr.Incredible

Bogo: Ok I guess this case is up to the Duck… again

DarkWing: Uhmmmm sorry chief but I’ve got to fight QuackerJack and Megavolt right now so… Im going to go do that now

Bogo: Well there is the new recruits… I guess they’ve got to go on the case… Spider-Hog, And Sanic you are on the Case!

Spider-Hog: Ok Chief we’ll get this done no problem

Sanic: Sure thing

Later down in the city

Spider-Hog: Sanic this case is gonna be easy because we’re both pals of Jason’s

Sanic: I know right dude it’s amateur hour

Spider-Hog: So… what exactly did you guys discuss?

Sanic: His Depression, And life

Spider-Hog: Oh… He told me he was Bi, some life, and then we goofed off

Sanic: Most the things that happened were on him so…

Spider-Hog I’ll take that into Consideration now to get intel from
Kitten Queen

Episode 2 “Getting Intel”

Spider-Hog: So… KittenQueen… You were friends with Jason Grace am I right!?

KittenQueen: Yea… Why?

Spider-Hog: Because Chief Bogo sent me on a case to find him!

Sanic: Yea So… answer the guy!

Spider-Hog: First Question Or should I say second… anyways what did you guys ever talk about?!

KittenQueen: Stuff…

Spider-Hog: What Stuff?!

KittenQueen: What Heroes on the streets are the strongest, and joking around

Spider-Hog: So… you weren’t much use in this case…

KittenQueen: What Happened anyway?

Spider-Hog: … Jason… might’ve… killed himself…

KittenQueen: Oh… Why…?!

Spider-Hog: Depression, Or Abuse

KittenQueen: Maybe you should ask Kas he would know much more than me

Spider-Hog: thanks for the tip

Episode 3 “Detective Work”

Spider-Hog: So Kas, KittenQueen said you were friends with Jason Grace?!
Kas: Yes at a point why
Sanic: It’s a long story dude…
Spider-Hog: Oh why yes short story is Bogo sent me on a case on the disappearance of Jason Grace so what did you guys ever talk about !?
Kas: Speaking other Languages And college
Spider-Hog: thanks for the intel I’m piecing together a theory
Kas: You should ask someone else
Spider-Hog: I’m about to

Episode 4 “Next Tip!”

Spider-Hog: We’re going to regret this aren’t we??
Sanic: Uhhhhhh I do not know but anyways
They Ring a Door Bell to a House then the door opens

Johnny Storm: Hey Spidey long time no see
Spider-Hog: Yea long time no see
Sanic: So… You’re Jason’s friend right…?
Johnny Storm: Yep a long time friend so… what you want to know?
Spider-Hog: … well Jason has went missing do you know anything about this?!
Johnny Storm: Yea… He was always nervous about what people thought of him…
Spider-Hog: Ok so… so far what’ve I’ve come up with is that he possibly killed himself
Johnny Storm: Wow… that went dark fast
Sanic: Yea I know right but it’s all we’ve speculated so far
Johnny Storm: I don’t think I’ll be much help but Ill try
Spider-Hog: Uhhh… Thanks
They walk away
Sanic: That went well

Episode 5 “Speculative Work”

Bogo: So, Spider-Hog what do you know about this case!

Spider-Hog: Right, Chief Bogo Hmmmmmmm, So he told me he was Bi, Sanic bout his Depression, Kas bout his struggles, KittenQueen for jokes. So I’ve come up with him Wanting to escape life and start over,… but while doing so he had a rough time and decided to take his own life!
Sanic: Wow dude that’s deep how you do that also where Johnny intel?
Spider-Hog: Oh yea Johnny I believe that’s where I got the Trying to escape life from because being nervous bout what people think is very similar!
Sanic: I just overlooked that
Spider-Hog: Figures

Episode 6 “File The Case!”

Bogo: Great Job Spider-Hog you have proven being a great detective so you now need a new case to crack your new partner for this operation will be DarkWing Duck

Spider-Hog: Yehp, Yehp, Yehp nothing I can’t do to help a corrupted city

Sanic: Yea sure Im just going to go chill now

Bogo: I’m going to go get the Duck now

Bogo gets DarkWing

DarkWing: I am the Terror that Flaps in the night, I am the unbreakable Web
Covering your Doors, I am DarkWing Duck!

Spider-Hog: Wow that was awesome dude

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I’m gonna write Episode 3 & 4 tomorrow because I already got the whole story
Hope you enjoyed Episode 1 & 2!
( And also Sanic is a player in the game so… not the meme)

So who is Kitten Queen?

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Another player
My story would be more of like the forum guardians but just people who play the game

I said players who play the game

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Uh why Sanic and yourself? I’m not saying they are bad picks but they are highly unrealistic.

Not very unrealistic…

The author of the story to be in the story along with two friends of theirs? Pretty realistic imo…

What the heck…

And leave nani alone!!!

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