The Codebase Rewards

So I just dealt 1,492,679,943,438,467,072 damage and barely got any megabits lol?? 70 red, 58 blue, 171 orange and 62 green.
I can’t imagine what people with weaker heroes receive…
I feel like more should be rewarded because how are people supposed to level up their battle badges with such low rewards😭 yall are already asking for over 1000 megabits to level up like make it make sense??


Codebase urgently needs a refresh, it’s ridiculous that a team that does over a billion damage earns the same paltry amount as a negaduck that does 119,000 damage.

for me the best way to make this mode useful again is for the reward to be equivalent to the damage or the percentage of damage you do to the megavirus, the higher the damage the more megachips you get.

Hello! The Megabit and overall Yellow economy is something we’ve had in our backburner for a while. I agree, the rewards are outdated, but we do still have quality of life changes on deck for them (but not too soon as we’re focused on other things for now!).


Same with.

Once you hit tier 30, rewards cap. You won’t get more.

I mean… the simplest “fix” would have been to multiply it with the amount of ranks passed since Y0 (aka 35 now…), at least for a while

That’s why I don’t do it anymore

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