The conquest of the chungian empire fun and games

With NovelAI I am going to write a conquest of the chungian empire inspired by dougdoug.


  1. Anybody can suggest anything as long as it means invading a neighboring state because we start in california, researching technology and building resources (go wild), allying states or countries, or any other thing

  2. Dont be too offensive

  3. My 5 favorite options will be in a poll so you can vote.

California starts with these traits and technologies

  1. Lots of GOLD
  2. Hollywood
  3. And as said by google, California has vast agriculture, and farming to feed the troops.

Time for the first options

  • Invade oregon
  • Invade nevada
  • Invade arizona
  • Ally arizona
  • Ally nevada
  • Ally Oregon

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Note: Pwease vote and you will be lucky

Congrats the chungian empire now allied Nevada now what will they do.

  • Research new technology
  • Mine resources.
  • Invade another neighboring state
  • Tame animals.
  • Ally another neighboring state.

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What animals will the chungian empire tame?

  • Mountain lions
  • Grizzly bears
  • Wolves
  • Sheep
  • Deer
  • Or ravens.

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