The Counter List

Hello everyone!! I am putting some of the hardest heroes to defeat, and you can comment counters for those heroes!! After you comment, those counters will be added to the list under the hero(s) you selected!! You can always ask for a hero to be added to the list!! In your comment, you can use specific disks too!!


  1. Kaa (Either)
  2. Madam Mim (Oo)
  3. Shego (Ki)


  1. Shank (Va)
  2. Timon and Pumbaa (Si)
  3. Kristoff and Sven (Either)
  4. Baymax (WA)
  5. Fear (An)
  6. Miguel (Je)
  7. Kronk (Yi)
  8. Rapunzel (Ja)
  9. Shan Yu (Either)
  10. Dash (Vi)

Ian Lightfoot

  1. Tron (Fl)
  2. Baymax (Ol)
  3. Flynn Ryder (Either)
  4. Hank and Dory (Either)


  1. Slinky (Po)
  2. Winifred Sanderson (Either)
  3. Magic’s De Spell (Either)
  4. Rapunzel (Either)

The Mad Hatter

  1. Queen of Hearts (Either)
  2. Minnie Mouse (MP)


  1. Mulan (Either)
  2. Tron (Fl)
  3. Tia Dalma (Ja)


  1. Slinky (Po)
  2. Ducky and Bunny (Either)
  3. Tia Dalma (Ya)


  1. Hades (Me)
  2. Megara (Sh)
  3. Baymax (Ol)
  4. Ian (Go)
  5. Drakken (Gi)
  6. Vinny Santorini (Either)
  7. Evil Queen (Ma)
  8. Kevin Flynn (Qu)
  9. Huie, Dewy, and Louie (Either)


  1. Swedish Chef (Li)

Mayor Bellwether

  1. Kermit (Go)
  2. Queen of Hearts (Either)

Meilen Lee

  1. Kaa (Either)
  2. 22 (Jo

Dr. Drakken

  1. Tron (Fl)
  2. Syndrome (Yz)

Kristoff and Sven

  1. Davy Jones (Oo)


  1. Areil (Ge)
  2. Evil Queen (Ma)

Timon and Pumbaa

  1. Bo Peep (Wo)
  2. King Louie (An)
  3. Manticore (Mu)

Mother Gothel

  1. Zurg (Bu)
  2. 22 (Jo)
  3. Disgust (Either)
  4. Magica De Spell (Either)
  5. Meilen Lee (Ho)
  6. Maximus (Either)
  7. Slinky (Ti)

There literally is a guide for that already.

… what do you want and need to counter?

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This is for specific heroes, not just types. Those heroes are common in arena, and it is good to have counters for those

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I get the good intentions but a lot of these are extremely inaccurate, sorry…

Like Slinky countering Mother Gothel?
Rather she’s one of his 50 counters

The only accurate ones are the ones that have already been established before basically


… this is very misleading. :frowning:


I am very sorry!! I am looking at a list put together by another user. This was not a good idea, and I will delete it.

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