The Crown Princess of Avalor (Elena Character Concept)


Role: Control

Position: Middle

Stars: :star2::star2:

Trial Team: Red

“They say every story has a beginning… Except mine. My story has two.”

Using the scepter of light, Elena control the battlefield with maruvian magic.

Entrance: Flies in on a jaquin

Victory: Her dress glows yellow as she smiles and raises her scepter.

Defeat: Frowns as her dress turns blue

Basic Attack: Performs the blaze spell.

White Skill: Envision: Elena uses the envision to make an enemy look like one of her allies. The real ally gets

Green Skill: Glow (Fantastic Damage :stars:): Elena uses the glow spell and blinds enemies

Blue Skill: Reveal (Normal Damage :fist:): Elena uses the reveal spell to reveal a invisible enemies.

If no invisible enemies are present. She uses the vanish spell to turn one of her allies invisible.

Purple Skill: Ignite: Basic attack adds a which causes damage over time.

Red Skill: Reveal: Illuminate effects more than one enemy and gives the ally Elena turns invisible an skill power increase.


The Cheshire Cat


Campaign: A Ridiculous Quest: The Cheshire Cat sends Elena on a scavenger hunt which get crazier than she expected.

Disk: Not All There:

Memory: Elena begins each wave invisible.

Disk Power: Allies invisibility duration in Reveal will last longer

Ian Lightfoot

Campaign: Discovering the Magic Within: Elena helps Ian with a little magic practice.

Disk: The Magic Within:

Memory: Glow blind debuff last longer

Disk Power: Glow gives an ally with energy

Feedback is appreciated.


This is a very good concept. Especially like the Ian friendship campaign.

Please improve your formatting it’s very run-on and makes it hard to understand the concept.

Stars? Trials Team?

What on earth does this mean? Also, it needs a variable.

Both of these need variables.

What does this do? Also, it needs a variable.

What’s Illuminate? VARIABLE. It also should have bonus status effects.


These are spells Elena can use with her scepter. I couldn’t really think of anything snappy.

And by burn debuff, i mean constant damage.

Constant damage? Like DOT?


With your concepts, the creativity is present, but the detail which is essential is not. The skills have no variables or what effects they do. Same thing with the friendship disks. Very little detail. They do not even say what type of damage is dealt, if any. Before you release another concept, try and see concepts from others to see what we are talking about.

If you want to make concepts, at least understand the game mechanics a little bit.


What is DOT?

Damage over Time.

In this case, that’s a yes.

There we go. That ought to do it. I think.

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