The daily quest to buy gold sucks


So you have to spend 10 diamond to buy ~27k gold, plus 9k gold you get from the quest.
That’s about 300 diamond for 1mil gold.
A really bad deal imo.

I did these quests at low level. But at higher levels, the gold reward doesn’t even cover 1 skill upgrade.

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I get the impression that PerBlue stuck this quest in to get people to spend diamonds. Maybe they realized that there were too many floating around in the game.

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You need to consider that you gain also 40exp which you can also transfer somewhat into stamina and then diamonds. Can you give me better deals than this that you can get regularly, it’s a legit question, not rhetorical one?

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40 Team exp? Pfft. Miss one of the daily free stamina for any reason and you already lose 60exp. Plus, at high level where you need thousands of exp to gain 1 TL, 40exp doesn’t mean a thing. I gain ~2000 exp everyday just from playing normally.
And there’s diamond-for-gold deal every week or something. All better than this diamond-dump of a quest.


Firstly, you don’t have to do anything. All of the daily quests are optional.
That said, secondly, I personally think that is one of the better ones. 10 diamonds really isn’t much. Even a f2p player is going to get some every day from the arena/coliseum (probably more than they used to since the recent changes to the daily rewards from them). The amount of gold you get isn’t massive (obviously you may get lucky and it will be multiplied) but don’t forget the team xp and guild influence that you also get from doing this.

At the end of the day, it is up to each individual player to decide for themselves which quests are worth completing for them. I think the get more gold one is, you may disagree. But it is always optional.


Please stop right there with the “It’s optional” argument. The whole game is optional and I don’t have to play it if I don’t want to. But if a design a bad, I want to give feedback to improve it. What I don’t need to hear is the dev team saying “We like the design that way whatever the players actually want”. The “don’t do it if you think the design is bad” response if inherently irresponsible to anything given in the Feedback corner.

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@Kakabbage I have no issue with anyone providing feedback and voicing their opinions. But to do so by saying

is incorrect and (in my personal opinion, feel free to disagree) unhealthy. I just think that an awful lot of people (please don’t think that this is aimed specifically at you, it isn’t) need to get a bit of perspective. As you have correctly said

Of course things can be improved and player feedback is good. But telling yourself that you “have to” do something is incorrect.

Anyway, I suspect that we won’t agree on this particular point so I will leave it at that and say no more on the matter.

All the best, hope you’re having a good day. It’s raining really heavily here.

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You’re nitpicking. He said you have to spend 10 diamonds, as in to complete the quest (if you so choose) you have to spend 10 diamonds. Not in that you have to spend 10 diamonds every day or the world explodes.


I said it because of conversion to diamonds not for that exp value,. If 50 diamonds are standard for 120 stamina let’s say that 40 exp is worth few(debatable how many, that way of converting is at best bad but i’m just making a point, for the sake of discussion let say it’s 1, that changes calculations drasticly already) diamonds at least, and you get guild influence also. Secondly show me exact deals and i’ll that are better for that price. I said regularly, not every week or so, it’s close to regular but not exactly regular. It’s not great deal but it’s at least ok imo and every bit of gold counts. But you wont take reasoning, you want to argue and to impose your opinion, not to have meaningfull discussion, so i will also leave it at that.


Unless you’re capped out on XP then it’s worth nothing.

But, for many that XP does have value. And for those who it doesn’t 10 diamonds don’t even matter.

The quest does have more value than just the gold you receive. That being said gold is far too rare a commodity.

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The quest for buying gold with diamond isn’t bad. Keep it up, Perblue!


Kinda the point right there. Gold is the bottle-neck of the game. not guild influence or team level. A bit of TL exp or guild influence is not what I’m looking for. When I buy gold, Im looking for gold, and 10diamond for 36k gold, in the long run, is a bad trade.
I have for several times get diamond-for-chips offers that are really good, but couldn’t buy them before they expired because I lacked just 100-200 diamonds (2 weeks worth of the gold daily quest). On the other hand, if I lack some gold, I just wait 1 day to get some more. The diamond-for-stuff trades are always better than gold-for-stuff trade. That’s why the 10d-for-36kgold is just bad math.

The whales can spend their diamonds on whatever they feel like, but PB shouldn’t design the game in a way that encourages players to do bad trades.

It’s okay to encourage players to buy Stamina daily, even though they can get better deals, because 1-2 stamina can be converted to even more TL exp AND badges or 4-5 chips. Gold, on the other hand, doesn’t really get converted to anything. 36k can’t even cover 1 skill upgrade. So yea, bad math.


I don’t like the Buy Gold or the Buy Stamina quests. I’m trying to save up diamonds for when I need them, but have to spend 60 every day in order to complete all my quests. (And it bugs me when I have uncompleted quests.)

For people who can afford to buy diamonds, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

For people who struggle to have a spare $5-$10 to spend on the game, being forced to spend diamonds on things you can get multiple other ways, is just annoying.


Why am I of the opinion that Diamonds are scarce?


What is a better use of Diamonds than buying stamina? Where else can one get enough stamina to improve you team?


Part of the problem is they haven’t scaled things. They require more gold but everything continues to give the same amount of gold. At one time this amount of gold was reasonable.

But they felt that the was too much gold on the servers so they increased costs. The funny thing is the people who horde all their gold do so because they have literally nothing to spend it on, so they have hundreds of millions at any given time.

The gold cost increase only hurts the F2P player.


You do know these quests have timers so don’t try it if you don’t like it!


It is a bad deal. Absolutely. But this discussion shows that the majority of players don’t do their maths.


There are things in the markets that can be bought ONLY with 700+ diamonds. That are very hard to get using stamina. I have one badge, takes 50 bits, but I’ve literally spent THOUSANDS of Stamina trying to get those 50 bits.

If I had 1250 diamonds, I’d have the completed badge.

So, yeah, diamonds are important to F2P players.


I know i said I wouldn’t say any more about this topic but when this happened to me this morning I just had to.

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