The Daughter of the Mad Hatter (Madeline Hatter Unlikely Character Concept)

Madeline Hatter


Source: Ever After High


Role: Support

Position: Midline

Stars: :star::star:

Trial Team: Blue

“Danger is my middle name… well, actually it’s Xylophone.”

Madeline brings her wonderlandish antics into the mix turning the battlefield into a Wonderland style tea party.

Entrance: walks in with her pet mouse Earl Gray on her shoulder and he crawls into her hat.

Victory: Takes a sip of tea and smile

Defeat: Finds her tea cup empty and frowns

Basic Attack: Either throws a tea cup or a saucer


White Skill: Tea Time (Fantastic Damage :comet:): Maddie fills a teapot with tea and throws at enemies giving them X damage. The more tea she has the greater the damage is. The maximum damage is X damage.

The more she pours, the greater the chances of the tea pot is to overflow. If it overflows, the pot breaks and spills tea everywhere, healing Maddie and the allies closest to her with Y health.

Green Skill: Wait a Tick: Maddie looks at her watch and it rings, giving allies a movement speed increase

The movement increase buff is more effective towards allies who are level Z or lower

Blue Skill: Hat Trick: Maddie take a random buff out of her hat and gives it to the weakest ally

Purple Skill: Boiling Point: Tea Time adds a DOT of X damage to enemies when she throws the tea pot

Red Skill: Mad as a Hatter: Hat Trick snatches a buff from an enemy and gives it to a second ally.

Y Reality
Y Health Recovery
Y Energy Recovery


Winnie the Pooh

Campaign: Yes, Hunny?: When Maddie runs out of honey for her tea shop. She calls upon Pooh to help her find some more.

Disk: A Sticky Solution:

Disk Memory: Tea Time decreases movement speed

Disk Power:

Y Improved Healing

Basil of Baker Street

Campaign: Mouse Trapped: When Earl Gray goes missing, Maddie goes to Basil for help to seek him out

Disk: Reality Breaker:

Disk Memory: Basic attack decreases reality

Disk Power:

Y Reality
Y Reality Negotiation

X= Damage
Y= Stat Change
Z= Level

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