The Difference Between Stun and Freeze

For anyone who’s played the game for a while, you might’ve found yourself wondering at some point what the difference between these two disable effects is. I was in this camp, myself, until I noticed that crucial difference just recently.

The answer is this:

  • Freeze pauses actions. They will continue once the Freeze ends.
  • Stun stops actions. When the Stun ends, they go on to use other abilities.

Ron Stoppable was the hero I noticed it with. When he was Frozen, he was about to throw his naco, and when the Freeze ended, he continued on to throw his naco. But when he was Stunned and about to throw his naco, that attack was stopped entirely.

So, given this information, one might be tempted to think Stun is just outright better than Freeze, and you’d be right. If both ailments were dished out in the same way for the same durations.

Stuns are the stronger ailment, indeed, but not many Stuns hit all enemies and their durations tend to be rather short, even on single targets. Meanwhile, Freeze effects almost always hit large groups of enemies (or just all enemies) and their durations are often very, very long.

So there you have it. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between Stun and Freeze is, now you know. Freeze pauses enemy actions, but lasts a long time and hits basically everyone. Stun completely stops enemy actions, but usually has a shorter duration and mostly affects one or few targets.


i also realized this some time ago


Thanks for the info! Very helpful!


I was just wondering this before I found this post lol

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