The famous pokemon wrestler

Pikachu Libre
Team: Blue
Position: Front
Role: Damage
Bio:A star at Pokken Tournament, Pikachu Libre takes down her opponents.
Enter: pokeball appears and out goes Pikachu Libre
Victory: she cheers on her team
Defeat: she faints and a pokeball gets her back
Basic attack: Iron tail
White: Flying press👊: P:Pikachu Libre cannot be charmed. A:players will get to choose which enemy Pikachu Libre will jump and tackle. This will deal X damage and 50% chance to stun them for 8 seconds. The stun can fail on enemies above level X.
Green: Thunderbolt :dizzy:: Pikachu Libre will zap the 3 closest enemies, dealing X damage.
Blue: little aperenist: when below 25% hp, a Pichu will appear and help her out.
Pichu has X hp and has the same moves(not the white) as her.(he may do 25% damage on himself when doing Thunderbolt)

Victory: he cheers on his team
Defeat: he faints and a pokeball gets him(he gets automatic k.o.ed if Pikachu Libre gets k.o.ed)
Pichu cannot be charmed.
Purple: Female Mascot: Pikachu Libre and Pichu has X more attack damage
Red: Smashers: Pikachu Libre and Pichu have a 50% chance to dodge disables

Pikachu Libre-Shank
Town Fighters
Flying Press will automatically stun the enemy

Pikachu Libre-Jasmine
Girl Power!
Pichu can now charm enemies for 5 seconds every 3rd basic attack


Not sure what “Little Aperenist” means but I like the concept

Cool hero! But sadly it might not be in this game…

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