The Final 1.11.2 Possibilities And Why

My thoughts

1.11.2 notes release next Friday Update release that following Tuesday

Characters Included will most likely be The Beast Possibly Timon & Pumba as well as Simba & Nala maybe Belle And lumiere

Level Cap Increase As Well As O8 and announcement of next color

The beast was leaked via multiple images one of which I don’t have but someone in the comments can post image


Oh! A sneak peek! Cool.


So essentially Joy is Beast’s emotional therapist? Interesting.


Yes, maybe idk

Maybe Beast will come with the Lion King characters in that update. And maybe Belle, Lumiere, and Peter Pan will come in the update after that. And hopefully Kim Possible will come any time soon, I am dying waiting for Kim to come!

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If it’s together. Odd. And about O8. I want Red.

So that’s what Beast looks like in this game. Nice.

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Is Lumiere and Belle are in the friendship with Joy and Anger since we seen Beast.

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