"The future belongs to those who know where they belong." - Unlikely Contest Submission

This is my unlikely submission for the 2nd Grand Concept Creation Contest 2021! Hope you enjoy!

Jeanine Matthews

Source: The Divergent Series

Description: Jeanine Matthews, leader of the Erudite faction, analyzes enemies and runs her mind control simulations to bend them to her will.

Quote: “Amazing, isn’t it? Everything we think of that makes up a person - thoughts, emotions, history - all wiped away by chemistry.”


Trial Team: Yellow

Role: Damage

Position: Midline

Stars: :star:


Entrance: Jeanine walks to her position with an emotionless face.

Victory: Jeanine smiles proudly.

Defeat: Jeanine tries to control the simulation but it fails and she looks frustrated.

Basic Attack: Jeanine shoots the closest enemy.


White Skill: Simulation

Passive: with every second basic attack, Jeanine instead targets the farthest non studied enemy with a serum projectile, stunning them for 4 seconds and studying them for 18 seconds.

Active: Jeanine activates the serum and starts the simulation, charming all studied enemies for 14 seconds and removing all study effects from them. Enemies charmed by this skill deal 50% additional damage to other enemies, and this skill ignores tenacity.

If the charm is not applied to an enemy for any reason, study effects are not removed from that enemy.

Jeanine cannot run a simulation if there are no studied enemies.

The Charm has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Green Skill: Run Analysis

Jeanine runs analysis on all enemies, studying them for 12 seconds and removing all their active Invincibility and Reflect buffs.

Studying and removing buffs has a chance to fail on enemies above level Z.

Blue Skill: Remove the Divergents

:fist: Normal Damage

Jeanine locates the two enemy Divergents with the highest Evasion and shoots them with an improved serum, dealing Y damage to them and reducing their Evasion by 60 for 12 seconds. Jeanine also deals 150% more damage to studied enemies with “Remove the Divergents”.

Purple Skill: Faction Before Blood

Jeanine gains X Basic Damage for the rest of the wave every time an enemy is studied, up to a max amount of Z Basic Damage.

Red Skill: Seek for Knowledge


Attacks that deal normal damage deal additional damage to studied enemies equal to 75% of the target’s armor.

Enemies charmed by “Simulation” gain Basic Damage equal to 60% of Jeanine’s Basic Damage.

The additional normal damage against studied enemies is reduced against enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+171 (+1 per additional level) Crit Damage
+Z Max Basic Damage buff from “Purple Skill”

X=Skill Power; Y=Basic Damage; Z=Level Cap


Jeanine Matthews - Yzma
Campaign Overview: Yzma claims to be able to improve Jeanine’s serum. She is reluctant, but in the end accepts to let her try.
Allies: John Silver, Basil, Magica De Spell

Alchemic Serum
Removed buffs are given to allies

  • +Z Basic Damage
  • +Z Armor to Jeanine and allies
  • If Jeanine removes Invincibility or Reflect buffs with “Run Analysis”, she grants them to her team for 1 (+1 per additional star) seconds

Jeanine Matthews - Jack-Jack
Campaign Overview: Jeanine tricks the Incredibles into letting her babysit Jack-Jack for one day. She plans to use this time to study his incredible powers.
Allies: Beast, Honey Lemon, Meg

Baby Proof Simulation
Increases Team’s Basic Damage

  • +Z Max Basic Damage from “Faction Before Blood”
  • +Skill Power
  • Allies gain Basic Damage from “Faction Before Blood” equal to 15% (+15% per additional star) of the Basic Damage gained by Jeanine
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