The ghost grim and grinning’s spooky concept contest

It’s gonna be a usual poll where you can see who voted

I meant that will it be like a tournament

I would just like to say good luck to all of you and (wanted to keep with the scary theme) let’s hope we do well or we will end up the remains of the day (Tim Burton’s corpse Bride)

Please explain what this means

Okay in 2 minutes entry’s will be due, I’m changing it from 12:00 ct to 9:00 ct

0 voters

You will no longer be able to enter concepts, now here is the poll, vote which you think is the best concept and whoever wins will move on to the finals in October

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should we send out our links on here?

Yes do that

Oh great, someone knows that movie

But they are in the popular links section so we’re good

Like two concepts compete with each other and the winner go ones to the next round

Oh, that’s what October is for, all the winners of each poll go on to see who had the best of all of the concepts

Hey, I have a chance.

Looks like @Xavier_The_Great, @Slinky-Dog, and I are all tied for first place!

I voted for your concept :slightly_smiling_face:
I wish I could vote for everyone’s concept, because they are all good.


Darn it, I should have made Lord Hater instead of Negaduck.

Next round you can I believe.

Yeah maybe do him next round

I have already started on him.

I have a plan that should help me win at least one stage, I just have to figure out which one I do the character I will most likely win with lol

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