The ghost grim and grinning’s spooky concept contest

Welcome foolish mortals to the grim grinning ghost’s halloween concept contest. This contest is where you make a spooky concept that has to do with Halloween, but there are some rules to this contest as there are on all contests


  1. No characters that are in a rated R or PG 13 Movie such as penny wise Or Freddy Kruger
  2. No gore, unless they’re name is something like blood or organs
  3. This contest will go through 4 or 5 stages
  4. The first 20 concepts will be put in a poll, when the end of the month comes the poll will close
  5. This will end on Halloween night 2020
  6. Who ever wins the contest will be crowned pumpkin ruler (crown not real)
  7. No reusing concepts you previously made

There are certain things you need in your concept such as

  1. A picture of the character(s), if you want
  2. Where the character originated from
  3. Stars and hero types and where they are positioned in the field
  4. Skills and attacks
  5. Entrance, defeat, and victory
  6. Friendships and disks
  7. Anything extra you want to do.

hall of horror

  1. @Tragic-Magic l concept: slappy the dummy
  2. @Irrer-Minnie l concept: pain and panic

I hope you enjoy this contest


this is gonna be so much fun!

So a Halloween contest…in…June?

it will end on Halloween night, he is just giving us time to do it, I think.

But why do we need 5 months?

I have no idea lol

I thought it would give you enough time to make a concept, also you can only do one concept per stage

What stage?

Stage=one month

oh, that makes sense.

Could you not wait until October to do a more concise contest?

Trust me, there have been longer concepts, I am practically in love with spooky and scary stuff, this isn’t necessarily just for Halloween I just figured this was a good idea

i will likely do it! i already have an idea of what i am gonna do

When should we publish concepts, if we do one? (I’m not sure if I’ll do one… Just want to know it…)

I don’t really care unless you meet all the requirements that you need in the concept

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Are villains OK for Halloween?

And does Coco count?

Coco does have skeletons and was realesed around the time of Halloween, so it would probably be ok

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@Grim_grinning_Ghost What would you do if two players would do the same character?

I don’t really care they can do the same concept as long as they aren’t made The same as someone else’s

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